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KORG PA Manager
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Version: 3.2.5404 updated
Upload Date: 14 Aug 18
Developer: KORG PA Manager
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 170.00 $
Downloads: 47415
Size: 18599 Kb

Rating: 3.2/5 (Total Votes: 108)

KORG PA Manager v3.2 is the ultimate KORG PA SET Manager. The renowned PC Editor for KORG PA users. A unique application that easily and quickly enables you to manage & organise your Sets. Be it your Styles, Performances, Pads, Sounds or Samples. It offers a unique versatile solution to Managing SETs. Explore the contents of a SET without having to load it on to your KORG PA Arranger. A must have tool that provides an all-in-one application for all KORG PA Users. Now you can fully Manage your Samples with the Sample Manager. You can Compress/DeCompress your Samples, Edit, Delete, Add / Replace Samples, WAV Files, MultiSamples, the whole lot. It also works with commercially Locked USB Sets. A must have tool that provides an all-in-one application for all KORG PA Users. KORG PA Manager is designed to support all KORG PA Arrangers released to date by KORG.[locked resources are not supported]

What is new in this release:

  • +PA4X OS v2.2 Support Added
  • +PA700 OS v1.2 Support Added
  • +PA1000 OS v1.3 Support Added
  • *PAD Manager - Local Bank Fix
  • *SOUND Manager - Copy DK Fixed for PA80
  • *SOUND Manager - PA80 Duplicate MS Copy fix
  • +SOUND Manager 'Copy DK Setting to All' Menu added
  • +SAMPLE Manager - PA80 - Convert Stereo wav to Mono
  • *Internal Improvements

What is new in version 3.1.4812:

Version 3.0.4206 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

What is new in version 3.0.4206:

Version 3.0.4206 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

What is new in version 2.2.2724:

Version 2.2.2724:

  • STYLE Manager - Possible STS Error Fixed
  • SOUND Manager - An issue with a UserDK that has many Layers Fixed
  • SAMPLE Manager - Improved .KMP MultiSample Support
  • SAMPLE Manager - WAV Loop Sample Fix
  • MULTISample Manager - Not displaying message with Locked Sets Fixed

What is new in version 2.2.2601:

Version 2.2.2601:

  • MAKEWav Error Fixed - Trying to play a Sample
  • SOUND Manager - Fixed not saving User3 & User4 Banks
  • FILE Viewer - Fixed incorrectly displaying some PA3X Pads as PA4X Pads
  • Mac OS - Added Cmd+Click Shortcut to Simulate Right Mouse Click
  • Internal Stability improvements
  • STYLE Manager - KORG PA4X Support Added
  • PERFORMANCE Manager - KORG PA4X Support Added
  • PAD Manager - KORG PA4X Support Added
  • PCM Manager - KORG PA4X Support Added
  • FILE Viewer - KORG PA4X Support Added
  • WAV Import - Now Supports Loop Points
  • WAV Export - Now Includes Cue chunk / Loop Start/End Points
  • Main Screen - Recent Paths button added
  • Stereo WAV Import Fix
  • SAMPLE Manager - MultiSample Import Looped Sample Fix
  • Loading PA900 Samples - Missing Header Fix
  • STYLE Manager - Merge Bank Name Fix
  • STYLE Manager - New SET - Didn't fully Flush Sound & Pad Names Fixed
  • PAD Manager - Location Label version Fix
  • PAD Manager - HTML Report / Empty Bank Fix
  • PA600 Mode - User 3 & User 4 Tabs were still showing
  • Fixed not loading of some Samples when Importing PA800 UserDK
  • Improved PA80 Sample Support
  • You can now select any model version after using the 'Create New Set' option
  • STYLE Properties - Possible crash prevention when saving fixed
  • Internal Stability improvements

What is new in version 2.1.2315:

  • +Support with Locked USB SETs
  • +SAMPLE Manager - Create a New MultiSample from scratch
  • +SAMPLE Manager - 'Add Zone' button Added
  • +SAMPLE Manager - Support for 8/16bit STEREO Wav Import
  • +SAMPLE Manager - Improved WAV Import Support
  • +SAMPLE Manager - Detect if WAV Sample exists before importing
  • +STYLE Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
  • *STYLE Manager - Fixed incorrect display of Style Bank Label Names
  • +STYLE Properties - Enhanced Report - Shows User Sound Usage Count
  • *STYLE Properties - Fixed a possible Sound ReMap problem
  • *STYLE Properties - Fixed a possible problem with Styles from Older 3X OS's
  • +SOUND Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
  • +SOUND Manager - Delete MultiSample button Enabled
  • +SOUND Manager - New Right-Click Menu on DK Key [Set Sample to Empty]
  • *SOUND Manager - Improved Support for PA1X Files
  • *SOUND Manager - Fixed Sample Size correction when Importing Sounds/Samples
  • *SOUND Manager - Better crash prevention with larger PCM file handling
  • +PERFORMANCE Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
  • +PERFORMANCE Manager - Fixed incorrect sound display number with HTML Report
  • +PAD Manager - 'NEW Set' button added
  • +PCM Manager - Individually identifies Locked Samples rather than per PCM
  • *WAV Export - Incorrect Filesize [1 Byte extra] Fix
  • *WAV Export - Meta Tag Data Added on All WAV Exports
  • *MultiSample Manager - Improved .KMP File Handling
  • *Much more Memory Efficient - Almost (50%)
  • *Related File Association Icons now display properly in explorer
  • +Main Screen - New Window button added - [Mac only]
  • +Danish Translation Added
  • *Frozen Loading Window Animation Fixed [Mac only]
  • *Internal Stability improvements

What is new in version 2.0.1604:

  • Sound Manager - Fixed Possible crash with Large PCM Data
  • Sound Manager - Improved .PCG Detection
  • Style Properties - Fixed Error when creating a Style Report
  • Mac OS X - Update Error Fix
  • Hebrew Language Added
  • Internal Stability improvements

What is new in version 2.0:

+Sample Manager [New] - Fully Manage your Samples & MultiSamples
+MultiSample Manager [New] - Edit MultiSamples
+PCM Manager [New] - A Lite Replacement of WAVE Xtractor
+Import/Export PCM Samples as .Wav
+Import/Export MultiSamples directly as .KMP or .Wav
+SOUND Manager - ReDesigned to Support Samples
+SOUND Manager - Automatically Import & Merge Associated Sounds & Samples from other SETs
+SOUND Manager - Fully Editable, not [Read-Only) anymore
+SOUND Manager - Audition/Preview of UserDK Samples
+SOUND Manager - Check Sample Size [right-click Menu] Added
+SOUND Manager - Reset Sound [right-click Menu] Added
+SOUND Manager - Edit MultiSample option added
+SOUND Manager - Get MultiSample Info [create detailed MultiSample Reports]
+SOUND Manager - Convert PA3X Sounds to PA800/PA2X/PA500
*SOUND Manager - Piano now covers Full range of C-1 to G9
+STYLE Manager - STS Sound Mute Option Added
+STYLE Manager - Copy/Paste All 4 Pads as a Group
+STYLE Manager - Copy/Paste All 4 STSs as a Group [PA 3X/300/600/900/Le]
+STYLE Manager - Read Favorite Bank Names
+STYLE Properties - Added Tempo Control
+STYLE Properties - Time Signature [Tact] Info Added
+PERFORMANCE Manager - Sound Mute Option Added
+PAD Manager - Loop Mode Added
+PAD Manager - Sync Mode Added
+File Select Window - Improved File Handling
+File Select Window - 'Cancel All' option added
+Last Import/Merge SET Path now Memorised
+Greek Language Added
+Chinese [Simplified] Language Added
+Swedish Language Added
+Dutch Language Added
*File Viewer - Enhanced
*File Viewer - File Association
*Full Unicode Support
-WAVE Xtractor Bundling, discontinued
*Many Internal Stability improvements
*Internal Stability improvements

What is new in version 1.2.1005:

+Arabic Language Added
+File Viewer - Can now Drag other Folders too
+Update Button Added
*Style Properties - Incorrect display of Original Style Sounds Fixed
*Style Properties - Incorrect display of Bank Names Fixed
*Improved PA500 Support
*Updated Language Files
*Internal Stability improvements


14-day trial, save-disabled



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