RPyC 3.3.0 updated

RPyC stands for Remote Python Call.RPyC makes use of object-proxying, a technique that employs Python's dynamic nature, to overcome the physical boundaries between processes and computers, so that remote objects can be manipulated as if they were...

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Grappelli 2.8.1 updated

Django is a Python framework. It is unique from any other framework because it comes with its own admin interface out of the box. Grappelli works by adding new features and small tweaks to Django's administration panel, with the purpose of accelerating...

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Python-cjson 1.1.0

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation and is a text based lightweight data exchange format which is easy for humans to read/write and for machines to parse/generate. JSON is completely language independent and has multiple implementations in most of...

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RDFLib 4.2.1 updated

This is a simple yet powerful language for representing information stored in RDF format. The library contains parsers and serializers for RDF/XML, N3, NTriples, Turtle, TriX and RDFa. The library presents a Graph interface which can be backed by any one...

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pygit2 0.23.2 updated

pygit2 is actually a Python binding to the libgit2 linkable C Git library. Works with: Gits Commits Trees Repositories Blobs Tags Inspect the status Other language bindings for libgit2: Ruby - Rugged Objective-C - Objective Git C# -...

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pymarc 2.8.4

It can read, write and modify MARC bibliographic data.It is based on the MARC/Perl suite of modules.What is new in this release:Added utf8_handling parameter to Record and MARCReader constructors and to Record.decode_marc(); accepts 'strict',...

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PyTTY 0.4

TTY is a generic term for any computer data terminal or associated serial interface.The module allows to use TTY connections from Python for serial access.What is new in this release:Added baudrate to __str__ and __repr__ output. Added TTY.__repr__ and...

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Greenlet 0.2

This is a spin-off of Stackless, a version of CPython that supports micro-threads called "tasklets".Tasklets run pseudo-concurrently (typically in a single or a few OS-level threads) and are synchronized with data exchanges on "channels".A "greenlet", on...

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SimpleParse 2.1.1a2

SimpleParse provides a simple and fast parser generator using a modified version of the mxTextTools text-tagging engine.It allows the developer to generate parsers directly from the EBNF grammar.Unlike most parser generators, SimpleParse generates...

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