Babylon.js 2.3 updated

Babylon.js is an all-around solution for producing beautiful 3D environments in your browser using WebGL. It is a full HTML5 game engine, coming packed with all the specific tools, ranging from scene management to a collisions system, from a built-in...

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KickJS 0.5.6 updated

KickJS is a basic tool for creating modern web games that run in the browser, on WebGL technology and Node.JS. Comprehensive documentation is available, for getting a developer started on his project.What is new in this release:Implemented Observer...

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Avioane 3.5.3 updated

Avioane means "airplane" in Romanian and is a very popular board/paper game in this country. The games is very similar to Battleships, but involves airplanes. It works by allowing the user to set 5 airplanes on his board. After setting his airplanes he...

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Turbulenz 1.3.2 updated

Turbulenz is one of the few open source game engines that have been actually used for production games. Whilst most HTML 5 game engines are more of an experiment on the developers' part of getting around the new features of HTML 5 and testing out...

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Kiwi.JS 1.4.0 updated

Kiwi.JS is one of the best alternatives to moving away from Flash game development right now. This small JavaScript framework embraces the new HTML 5 standard and grants developers access to a wide range of features and tools that simplify the process of...

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enchant.js 0.8.3 updated

Works on devices like the PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.What is new in this release:enchant.Sound.load callback became optional enchant.Sprite#frame duplicates assigned Array Support newer interface of WebAudio API Improved API documents What is new...

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Phaser 2.4.4 updated

Phaser is a modern game development framework created to help out game programmers build fast and efficient browser games. The project uses the Pixi.js WebGL and canvas rendering engine to actually plot out the game graphics and also comes with support...

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Reti Chess

Reti Chess 0.4.1 updated

Reti Chess allows anyone to run their very own multiplayer chess game on their own Node.js server, playing with their friends or relatives.Reti Chess works and plays like a real chess game, feature supported by the chess.js JavaScript library that allows...

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Blockrain.js 0.2.0 updated

Blockrain.js is a powerful JavaScript toolkit for building Tetris games with custom layouts and playable settings. You can embed Tetris game boards at any size you want, initialize the game via JavaScript and then just "have fun"! Blockrain.js supports...

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Since there are few changes from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4 (yes I said it), the ezStats for Battlefield 4 is not really that different from ezStats for Battlefield 3.ezStats for Battlefield 4 works practically the same way, providing developers with...

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