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Version: 4.13 updated
Upload Date: 26 Oct 18
Developer: Richard Koch
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 60
Size: 43925 Kb

Rating: 2.3/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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TeXShop is a TeX previewer for Mac OS X, written in Cocoa. Since pdf is a native file format on OS X, TeXShop uses "pdftex" and "pdflatex" rather than "tex" and "latex" to typeset; these programs in the standard teTeX distribution of TeX produce pdf output instead of dvi output.

What is new in this release:

  • Items in the Tags menu are indented to make entries easier to find.

  • A bug in Apple's search routines broke the search tool in the Preview Window's Drawer. This bug was fixed by Apple and search now works as before. It is conceivable that it is broken on Sierra 10.12.0 and 10.12.1; I no longer have such systems to test. Users who run into a problem on these systems should update the operating system to 10.12.2 or higher.

    If a user clicks in a search result at the bottom of the Drawer, the corresponding item in the pdf Preview is highlighted. The up and down arrows can be used to rapidly scan various search results. This ability temporarily broke in 3.76, but works again in 3.77.

  • At the suggestion of a user, the TeXShop Edit menu has an entry "Paste As Comment." This works essentially like "Paste" except that the newly pasted lines are marked as comments. This makes it possible to copy and paste a large selection from another document, and then carefully activate portions of the material.
  • The Sage engine in the "Inactive" portion of ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines was improved by Markus Baldauf. Thanks!
  • The latexmk file was updated to version 4.52c.
  • Updated the TeXShop Help Menu document "First Steps with TeXShop" and the document "Quickstart Guide for Command Completion" in /LibraryTeXShop/Documents.

What is new in version 3.75:

There is only one change. In TeXShop 3.74 on Sierra 10.12.1, scrolling in the pdf window was jerky. This is fixed.

What is new in version 3.73:

The only change in TeXShop 3.73 is to improve the responsiveness of popUps when mousing over links.

What is new in version 3.71:

  • In both German and Dutch, the pdf search field in the toolbar was not connected to the rest of the program.

  • Some German translations were improved by Michael Roßner.

  • The German source window had horizontal slack, and scrolled horizontally about half an inch. This was due to a bug in XCode 7.3.1. Merely opening an NSDocument.nib for a specific language creates the bug for that language. Luckily the bug is fixed in XCode 8.0 Beta. All localizations were tested in TeXShop 3.71 and none exhibit the bug.

What is new in version 3.61:

  • "What's New" in TeXShop Help claimed that Sparkle was updated to version 1.31. The update version number was actually 1.13.1, the latest version.

  • In TeXShop Preferences under the Misc tab, the items "pTeX support" and "During File Save" are only useful in Japan. They are now labeled so users elsewhere will not be tempted to activate them.

  • The error message when typesetting fails to find pdflatex or another tool has been improved.

  • If the user is running El Capitan and has set the location of TeX binaries to /usr/texbin or /Library/TeX/texbin, but this second location does not exist, an error message explains what to do.

  • Slight improvements in Korean and Spanish localizations

  • Improved pTeX scripts by Yusuke Terada in ~/Library/TeXShop/bin.

What is new in version 3.59:

Recent TeXShop versions have been released to fix or work around a series of El Capitan bugs, particularly in PDFKit. There are three major bugs:

  • Magnification broke because a Cocoa command to get the PDF data underneath a portion of a window returned a bitmap in El Capitan. A workaround for this bug was included in an earlier TeXShop release.

  • When a new version of a pdf document is loaded, there is a momentary flash before the document is displayed. This bug has not yet been addressed.

  • In several situations caused by loading a new file, PDFKit displays a blank page rather than the correct content on the page. This seems to be caused by a new Apple design to speed up pdf display by creating and caching bitmaps of recent pages. When the bug occurs, the bitmap is displayed too soon.

When this bug occurs, it is fairly easy to obtain the missing image. With the blank page active, type command-shift-+ to zoom in and then acommand-shift-- to zoom back out. This causes the page to be displayed correctly.

However, it is better to insure that the blank page does not occur. Several instances of this bug were fixed in earlier releases. This release fixes three other cases:

  • In external editor mode, typesetting caused blank pages to be displayed. This is fixed, or at least mostly fixed. It is important to configure TeXShop correctly so the fix works. There are two ways to use TeXShop in external editor mode. You can typeset with TeXShop, by making the pdf page active and typing command-T. Or you can typeset from the editor or from a shell, and configure TeXShop to update the display when the pdf file changes. In the first case, the TeXShop preference "Automatic Preview Update", under the Preview tab, should be off. In the second case, it should be on.

  • When the pdf window is split, the bottom half sometimes became blank. This bug is fixed.

  • When the pdf window is split and then the user typesets, half of the display is often blank. This version of TeXShop fixes the problem. The fix works well in "multipage format", which I recommend. It can have problems in "single page format" and "double page format", although it usually works in these cases. Because of these small problems, the fix can be turned off. To do so, type the following command in Terminal:
    defaults write TeXShop FixSplitBlankPages NO

Incidentally, all three bugs have been reported to Apple.

In addition, the following changes were made:

  • Max Horn fixed the "unindent" command. The previous version of this command would sometimes lose a character.

  • Max Horn also added #defines for NSAppKitVersion10_9 and the link in the TeXShop code base, so the source code should compile on Yosemite and Mavericks as well as on El Capitan.

  • James Crippen asked that "paragraph" and "subparagraph" be added as default tags because these items are used in the Memoir class. So currently in LaTeX, the following receive automatic tags:

  • Fixed the French localization so both documents in Help that have been translated into French occur in the Help menu. The translations of documents by Herbert Schulz are by Rene Fritz.

What is new in version 3.57:

  • The command to show the Key Bindings editor broke in the German localization, and is now fixed.
  • The command to split the Source Window broke in 3.56 and is now fixed, at least in most localizations. This is not a bug in the code; instead it is a bug in how XCode processes nib files. Fixing it required dropping down to XCode 7.0 and editing very carefully there. The bug still exists in the text window when in single window mode.
  • TeXShop can now edit documents with extension lua.

What is new in version 3.52:

  • TeXShop 3.52 uses the new link automatically when appropriate, and thus needs no configuration for El Capitan. To be specific, on startup, if the path setting in TeXShop Preferences under the Engines tab is /usr/texbin AND /usr/texbin either does not exist or is not a symbolic link AND /Library/TeX/texbin exists and is a symbolic link, then the preference setting is changed to /Library/TeX/texbin. Similarly if the preference setting is /Library/TeX/texbin AND /Library/TeX/texbin either do not exist or is not a symbolic link AND /usr/texbin exists and is a symbolic link, then the preference setting is changed to /usr/texbin. In all other cases, the setting is not touched.
  • Engine files in ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines which define $PATH have been modified by adding /Library/TeX/texbin to the path; /usr/texbin remains so these files will work on both old and new systems.
  • Macros in ~/Library/TeXShop/Macros has been modified to refer to /Library/TeX/texbin rather than /usr/texbin. (Only three occurrences of /usr/texbin were found in the old Macros file.) Users do not automatically get the new macros, so users with an older system will not be affected. Users who installed MacTeX-2015 or BasicTeX-2015 can safely use the new Macros because they have the new link.
  • The English Help Panel has been modified to mention /Library/TeX/texbin rather than /usr/texbin.
  • In the current El Capitan beta, sync from source to preview switches to the correct pdf page, but does not hilight the new selection in yellow. This is fixed.
  • In the current El Capitan beta, the magnifying glass works but displays a bitmap rather than a sharp pdf image. I suspect this is an Apple bug which will be fixed.
  • The German localization has been improved by Lukas Christensen. Thanks!
  • Klaus Tichmann reported a synctex bug and a fix. The "synctex_scanner_get_name" sometimes returns NULL rather than a valid string. This can lead to loss of mouse control. The fix is in version 3.52.

What is new in version 3.51:

  • TeXShop has two new macros by Michael Sharpe, tabularize and tabularize + space. These macros were suggested by Nils Enevoldsen and make it easier to construct and edit tables. To examine the Macros, go to ~/Library/TeXShop/New/Macros and copy the items tabularize.plist and tabularize.pdf to the desktop. The second is documentation for the macros.

    To add the Macros, select "Open Macro Editor" in the Macro menu. Then select "Add Macros from file...", which appears in this menu. Navigate to the desktop and select the file tabularize.plist.


  • Many missing German translations were added to the German localization by Lukas Christensen.


  • There is a minor fix to the Korean localization by Karnes Kim.


  • Latexmk was updated to 4.43.


  • The Help menu contains a short new document by Herbert Schulz, "TeXShop Feature Confusion".


  • There is a new item in the Edit Menu, "Correct Spelling Automatically", and a related new item in the Preferences Panel, "Correct Spelling". The menu item toggles spelling correction on or off for the top most document. The Preferences item sets the default setting when a document is first created or opened.

    Spelling correction is a new feature inherited from the iPhone. When it is on, the Mac automatically corrects the spelling of misspelled words, and often suggests completions for words or phrases that are partially typed. Note that "check spelling" and "correct spelling" are different; the first underlines misspelled words in red, while the second actually changes the text.

    Many of us dislike spelling correction. When this system doesn't know a word, it can replace it with a new bizarre choice. For this reason, spelling correction is off by default until the Preference setting is changed.

    Spelling correction only works with Apple dictionaries. If cocoAspell has been installed on your system and one of its dictionaries is chosen, spelling correction won't do anything.


  • System 10.10.3 introduces a new emoji feature "Skin tone modifier" for ethnic diversity. Yusuke Terada's Character Info feature has been modified to support this feature.


  • Previously, typesetting in single window mode left the text side of the window active. This is fixed, and now the behavior is determined by the "After Typesetting" item in TeXShop Preferences. When this item is set to "Bring Preview Forward", typesetting in single window mode makes the preview side of the window active.


  • Yosemite 10.3.3, released on April 8, 2015, fixes the "preview blur" problem which cropped up when Yosemite was introduced. The original system was optimized for the Retina display and produced blurry text in the Preview window on regular monitors. In 10.3.3, the display is again crisp on these monitors.

    Consequently, fixes for this problem introduced in TeXShop 3.44 and 3.45 are no longer needed. In particular, we recommend setting FixPreviewBlur to NO via the Terminal command: "defaults write TeXShop FixPreviewBlur NO"

What is new in version 3.50:

  • Richard Koch's email address changed from koch@math.uoregon.edu to koch@uoregon.edu. All occurrences of this address in TeXShop were changed.


  • A TeXShop Preference item allows the user to set the size and location of the console window when it opens. This item has a button titled "Set with current position." In 3.49, this button was always active, even thought it only makes sense if the option "All consoles start at fixed position" is selected. Now it is active only in this case. This behavior is consistent with similar Preference item behaviors for the Source and Preview windows.


  • Terada Yusuke updated the OgreKit spell panel to the latest version. In the process, he added features and fixed bugs:
    • There is a Chinese localization by Wei Wang, onev@onevcat.com.


    • When rich text was pasted to OgreKit, the style was mistakenly pasted. This is fixed.


    • Previously the Japanese yen mark was incorrectly passed to OgreKit. This is fixed.


    • A strange behavior of OgreKit when using OS X Spaces, pointed out by Daniel Grieser, is fixed. Previously the Preview and Source windows were attached to a space, but the Find window floated to whatever space was currently active.

What is new in version 3.49:

  • TeXShop installs two movies for beginners in ~/Library/TeXShop/Movies/TeXShop. These movies are quite large, 5.4 MB and 9.4 MB as gzipped files. Until version 3.49, every update of TeXShop contained these movies, slowing download times. TeXShop 3.49 finally does the right thing; it no longer contains the movies. If the user asks to view one of them, TeXShop downloads that movie from the web site, installs it in the above location, and runs it. Once downloaded, the movie remains on the user's machine.

    This simple change reduces the size of the TeXShop download from 54 MB to 39 MB, and the size of the unzipped program from 83 MB to 53 MB.


  • The Experiment feature of TeXShop, introduced in version 3.37, did not handle the "% !TEX encoding = ..." line in the header of the source file correctly, so users with UTF-8 files ran into trouble using the feature. This is fixed.


  • The Source Preview menu item and associated keyboard shortcut now work in Single Window mode.


  • In the French Localization, the item in TeXShop Preferences to set the font of the source file was broken. This is fixed.


  • Three hidden preferences were added, allowing users to change the yellow highlight color to another color, when used by inverse sync from the pdf window to the source text. This is helpful if the user has changed the default colors of the source window. The new items are
    defaults write TeXShop ReverseSyncRed 1.00
    defaults write TeXShop ReverseSyncGreen 1.00
    defaults write TeXShop ReverseSyncBlue 0.00


  • Latexmk is updated to version 4.42


  • MakeIndex failed on files with multiple dots in the name; now fixed.


  • A new TeXShop Preference item under the Console tab allows users to set the default size and location of the Console Window. To set these values, open a document and use TeXShop's "Show Console" menu to bring the console to the foreground. Adjust its size and location as desired. Then open TeXShop Preferences, select the Console tab, choose "All consoles start at fixed position" and press the "Set with current position" button. Then click "OK."

What is new in version 3.48.1:

  • The left column of the Macro Editor window was essentially blank, showing separator images but no text. This error was caused because TeXShop 3.44 was compiled on Yosemite. The same source code compiled on Mavericks worked on both Mavericks and Yosemite. A work around was found and the source now compiles and works on both Mavericks and Yosemite.


  • The command to trash AUX files had a bug and did not fully work. The problem is now fixed.


  • Karnes Kim produced a Korean localization of TeXShop, which is now part of the program.


  • Yusuke Terada provided tweeks and fixes for the following:


  • The hidden preference setting
    defaults write TeXShop FixPreviewBlur YES
    has been improved so that it works if users zoom the PDF by pinch gestures with the Magic Mouse or trackpad.


  • In TeXShop 3.41, the maximum possible PDF window magnification was increased from 1000% to 2000%. But a few constants in the code still contained the 1000% limit. These have been changed to 2000%.


  • A small error prevented the fix for remembering the PDF Window location when quitting. This is fixed.


  • In the Macro Editor, dashes and quotes were automatically changed to smart dashes and smart quotes, breaking some applescript macros. This is fixed.

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