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queXML 1.5.0 updated

It reads a XML schema for questionnaire data and applies XSL styles to it. queXML is compatible with the DDI standard for data description. Outputted queXML documents can easily be converted other formats to use with Limesurvey, queXS or queXF.What is new...

sax js

sax js 1.1.3 updated

Works on the client-side (browser) and on the server-side (Common JS or Node.js)Features: Parse through an XML string. Streaming HTML parser. Deals with RSS and other mostly-ok-but-kinda-broken XML docs. Requirements:JavaScript enabled on client side or...


XHP 2.2.2 updated

This basically transforms PHP into a template engine, by giving it the possibility to reuse data as it wants to.XHP works by parsing and interpreting content found inside curly braces {} as a full PHP expression, usually used only for variables.By...

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XIST 5.13.1 updated

XIST is also a XML parser with a very simple and pythonesque tree API. Every XML element type corresponds to a Python class and these Python classes provide a conversion method to transform the XML tree (e.g. into HTML). XIST can be considered 'object...


config.js v. 2.0

These XML config file allows to put all values in an external file instead of hard-coding values inside scripts or in JSON objects.The configuration can be embedded inside an HTML document or in a separate XML file.The configuration block may contain...

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xml_tools 0.3.2

xml_tools (or xmltools) allows Python developers to edit files using a simple Web form.Using DTD files, HTML Web forms can be generated that have the ability to create or change the content of a XML file.What is new in this release:Better support for...