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Morkdown 2.4.5 updated

Morkdown has been specially created to work with GitHub Flavored Markdown (an enhanced version of the Markdown markup language created, deployed and used by/on GitHub). By default, when starting Morkdown, the editor loads to panels side by side. This is...


Laverna 0.7.1 updated

Laverna is a little bit like Evernote, only its open source, it can work locally, online and offline, and can be used without any restrictions. Laverna uses a Markdown WYSIWYG editor to let users add and style their notes, saving each of them in a...


Brackets 1.6 updated

Developed by Adobe, Brackets heavily relies on the renowned CodeMirror editor and the new HTML 5 File API. Just like CodeMirror, Brackets provides a way to edit raw source code right inside your browser. Brackets works with various file types, from the...


ACE 1.2.3 updated

ACE can be used locally or on remote servers. It can also used as a stand-alone tool or embedded in more complex Web-based apps. Some of the projects that use ACE include Codiad, Wolf CMS, MODx, ProcessWire, CMS Made Simple and StackEdit, just to name a...

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CodeMirror 5.7 updated

If a parser is available for the programming language of the edited code, CodeMirror will handle syntax highlighting and indentation.Usage:To use CodeMirror in a document, a script tag to load codemirror.js must be added.This adds two objects to the...


EditArea 0.8.2

EditArea is a free javascript editor for source code. It allows to write well formated source code with line numerotation, tab support, search & replace (with regexp) and live syntax highlighting (customizable).Features: - Easy to integrate, only...

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Firepad 0.1.4

Firebase is a service for building real-time scalable backends for apps or websites, without the hassle of dealing with servers and hosting providers. Firepad is a JS widget that allows text to be entered from various end-points and stored to a Firebase...