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Getopt 1.4.3 updated

It also brings a Getopt::Long class for more advanced command line parsing.What is new in this release:Now works with Ruby 1.9.x. Refactored the gemspec. Gem building code is now handled by Rake tasks. Refactored the Rakefile. Added a default task,...


Union 1.0.5 updated

A "union declaration" specifies a set of variable values and, optionally, a tag naming the union. The variable values are called "members" of the union and can have different types. Unions are similar to "variant records" in other languages.What is new in...


ptools 1.3.3 updated

The additional features where inspired from Unix command line tools.What is new in this release:The File.binary method now always returns false for images. It is meant to detect executables, shared objects, etc. Use File.image? to detect images. Encoding...


proc-wait3 1.7.2

In distribution running Ruby 1.8.4 or earlier, it also adds the getrlimit and setrlimit methods.What is new in this release:Explicitly check for and include sys/resource.h because Debian. What is new in version 1.5.5:Now compatible with Ruby...

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IO-extra 1.2.8

The methods are IO.closefrom, IO.fdwalk, IO#directio? and IO#directio=.What is new in this release:Direct IO is now supported on Darwin, and some bugs in the directio methods have been fixed. Thanks go to Genki Takiuchi for the patches. Fixed a bug in...


Haste 0.1.0

Haste is a self-hosted version of Pastebin which uses a Redis database or the local file system to store all the added content.It can be used for both raw text and source code files, letting developers easily write or copy-paste their content inside one...


Phastebin 1.0

Phastebin was written on top of the Slim PHP framework and uses the local filesystem to store the text snippets or an optional Redis database. Just like the original, Phastebin can be used to let users write or copy-paste their code inside a text pad, and...


Rocketbin 0.2.0

Rocketbin is a simple way of adding code snippets or raw text inside a textbox and saving it on a server somewhere online.The concept is not simple and it mimics the services provided by the Pastebin website.Rocketbin works practically the same way, only...

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