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PowerPointPipe 5.4 updated

PowerPointPipe is the ultimate tool for automating changes across multiple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations (*.ppt., *.pptx) or OpenDocument presentations (*.odp). You need PowerPointPipe for link updates and broken link fixing, such as when migrating...

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T2S Mobile

T2S Mobile updated

T2S works by facilitating communication between members of the audience and the venue or event they are attending via SMS messages from mobile phones. T2S is designed to meet the needs of the hospitality sector giving venues and events the benefits of...


Power-user 1.6.73 updated

Power-user is a productivity software to help professionals on PowerPoint and Excel. It has many features to create better presentations: hundreds of PowerPoint templates, 1000+ icons, 115 editable maps, value chain diagrams, Harvey balls, traffic...


Zoom 2.5

Zoom - PowerPoint Slide Library is an organization tool for PowerPoint presentations. Zoom gives you a complete overview of your entire PPT slide library. You can select, print, email, or pdf your existing slides and presentations. You can work across...

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