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UpUp 0.3.0 updated

UpUp was developed for usage with modern browsers that support the ServiceWorkers technology. While this technology can be used for various things, it also allows developers to tell a browser to download specific code or files, which to use when the user...


Swing 3.0.3 updated

The Swing library allows developers to show a collection of elements stacked on top of each other and let users easily navigate through them with the help of left or right swipes.Users can utilize their touchscreen or their mouse to move the elements to...

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PhoneGap 6.0.0+cordova.6.0.0 updated

It uses HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build cross-platform mobile apps. PhoneGap is a web platform that wraps around a bunch of native mobile device APIs and allows developers to build cross-device apps. Since 2011, PhoneGap development is handled by the...


Zable 5.8.2 updated

What was once a pretty bare-bones framework has developed into the Zable MCMS (Mobile Content Management System). You can use Zable to build and manage your mobile site, having access to a full set of controls to do so. Developers can manage pages,...

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