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Version: updated
Upload Date: 13 Aug 18
Developer: Stellarium
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 35
Size: 172473 Kb

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

What is new in this release:

- Added new algorithm for DeltaT from Stephenson, Morrison and Hohenkerk (2016)
- Added use QOpenGLWidget
- Added new option to InfoString group
- Added orbit visualization data for asteroids
- Added calculation of extincted magnitudes of satellites
- Added new type of Solar system objects: sednoids
- Added classificator of objects into Solar System Editor plugin
- Added albedo for infostring (planets and moons)
- Added some improvements and clean up of code in Search Tool
- Added use ISO 8601 to date formatting in Date and Time Dialog (LP: #1655630)
- Added "Restore direction to initial values" in Oculars plugin (LP: #1656085)
- Added the define for GL_DOUBLE again to restore compilation on ARM.
- Added calculation and show of horizontal and vertical scales of visible field of view of CCD (LP: #1656825)
- Added caching for landscapes, including preloading and some other manipulation via scripting.
- Added binning for CCD in Oculars plugin
- Added textures for DSO

What is new in version 0.15.1:

- Added Bengali description for landscapes (LP: #1548627)
- Added background transparency in Oculars plugin (LP: #1511393)
- Fixed serial port issue on Windows version (LP: #1543813)
- Fixed MESA mode on Windows (LP: #1509735)
- Fixed Stellarium crashes in ocular view of Saturn/Neptune/Uranus (LP: #1495232)
- Fixed artifacts in rendering of Mercury in the Sun (LP: #1533647)
- Fixed loading scenes for Scenery 3D plugin (LP: #1533069)
- Fixed movement of radiant when time is switched manually (LP: #1535950)
- Fixed changing name of planet (LP: #1548008)

What is new in version 0.14.2:

- Reduce planet brightness in daylight (LP: #1503248)
- Fixed perspective mode with offset viewport in scenery3d (LP: #1509728)
- Fixed wrong altitudes for some locations (LP: #1530759)
- Fixed some skyculture links
- Fixed editing some shortcut keys (LP: #1530567)
- Fixed drawing reticle for telescope (LP: #1526348)
- Refactoring coloring markers of the DSO
- Removed info about Moon phases (avoid inconsistency for strings).
- Updated default config options
- Updated icons for View dialog
- Updated Stellarium DSO Catalog
- Added list of dwarf galaxies (Search Tool)
- Added improvements in Scenery 3D plugin

What is new in version 0.14:

- Added accurate calculations of the ecliptic obliquity. Finally we have good precession! (LP: #512086, #1126981, #1240070, #1282558, #1444323)
- Added calculations of the nutation. Now we optionally have IAU-2000B nutation. (Applied between 1500..2500 only.)
- Added new DSO catalog and related to him features (LP: #1453731, #1432243, #1285175, #1237165, #1189983, #1153804, #1127633, #1106765, #1106761, #957083)
- Added Iridium flares to Satellites plugin (LP: #1106782)
- Added tool for prediction of Iridium flares to Satellites plugin
- Added AstroCalc - a tool for calculating planetary phenomena (LP: #1181702)
- Added list of interesting double stars in Search Tool

What is new in version 0.13.3:

- Added Scenery3D plugin: enable support 3D landscapes
- Added ArchaeoLines plugin: a tool for archaeo-/ethnoastronomical alignment studies
- Added new DSO catalogs: Barnard (B), Van den Bergh (VdB), Sharpless (Sh 2), H-? emission regions in the Southern Milky Way (RCW), Lynds' Catalogue of Bright Nebulae (LBN), Lynds' Catalogue of Dark Nebulae (LDN), Collinder (Cr) and Melotte (Mel)
- Added tiny visual improvements for info about comets and minor planets
- Added Hungarian translation for Aztec skyculture
- Added Russian translation for Western: H.A. Rey skyculture
- Added support of meteors for Windows/MSVC packages
- Added patch for multiscreen setups
- Added tui/tui_font_color option for change color of text user interface (LP: #1421998)
- Added new version of GCVS
- Added implementation of polinomial approximation of time period 1620-2013 for DeltaT by M. Khalid, Mariam Sultana and Faheem Zaidi (2014);
- Added new line on the celestial sphere - opposition/conjunction longitude (LP: #1377606)
- Added texture for Ceres (LP: #1271380)
- Extended list of proper names for deep-sky objects
- Fixed position of Great Red Spot (LP: #490019)
- Fixed bug in planet shadow shasder (LP: #1405353)
- Fixed flickering Moon problem (LP: #1411958)
- Fixed jittering moons (LP: #1416824)
- Fixed visibility objects on distance over 50 AU. (LP: #1413381)
- Updated the Spherical projection to be HiDPI aware. (LP: #1385367)
- Restore unit testing for refraction and extinction. Fixed issue in unit test for DeltaT and fixed small issue for DeltaT.
- Fixed issue in core.setObserverLocation (to a new Planet travels always 1 second) (LP: #1414463)
- Fixed issue for cursor, who points to a wrong position after orbit update (LP: #1414824)
- Fixed ignore the Enter key for online search dialog within Solar System Editor plugin (LP: #1414814)
- Fixed package issue for Windows XP (LP: #1414233)
- Fixed crash when trying to select a satellite with invalid orbit (LP: #1307357)
- Check of updates has been removed (LP: #1414451)
- Fixed issues in Search Tool (LP: #1416830)
- Fixed code to update ConfigurationDialog size (LP: #995107)
- Behavior of JD/MJD has been refactored for Date and Time Dialog (LP: #1417619)
- Avoid delaying for the telescope control slew commands over TCP (LP: #1418375)
- Avoid crash when clicking 'Lookup locations on network' checkbox in Locations window (Debian: #779046)
- Updated bookmarks for Solar System editor plug-in (LP: #1425626)
- Allowing display the scope marker below the landscape (LP: #1426441)
- Allow fading of the landscapes without atmosphere (LP: #1420741)
- Allow change thickness of lines of the constellations (LP: #1028432)

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