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PhotoRescue Wizard

PhotoRescue Wizard

PhotoRescue is an advanced data-recovery solution for digital photography media. Whether you have erased your pictures or formatted your card by mistake, or you have experienced a crash, PhotoRescue may help. No copy protection: no unfriendly copy...


TimeDrawer 2.0.3

"TimeDrawer" is an automatic file versioning system. Everytime you save a file, TimeDrawer detects it and keep another copy of it. You can compare your current writing job with its past versions to see how you have modified your document. TimeDrawer...

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SmartBackup 4.1.3 updated

SmartBackup is an alternative lightweight backup application for OS X. Backup multiple source items to a destination folder on an external harddrive, flashdrive or network share, or create a bootable clone of your system. SmartBackup only copies what has...

Get Backup

Get Backup 2.6.1 updated

Get Backup is a backup and disk cloning utility with file/folder synchronization capability. Encrypted backups, available in Pro version allow to prevent unauthorized restore of your financial, personal or other data. Most common encryption standards are...

TM Error Logger

TM Error Logger 4.2.3 updated

TM Error Logger is a Macintosh Time Machine error reporting program. Do you get those Time Machine Error alert messages and wonder why? Would you like to find out exactly what caused the error so you can do something about it? Run TM Error Logger after...

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Arq 4.9.2 updated

Arq is the only online backup product built for the Mac and only the Mac. So it has the look and feel you expect from a Mac application. Arq backs up and faithfully restores all the special metadata of Mac files that other products don't, including...

Spresso Decaf

Spresso Decaf 1.00.00

Spresso is a software application that manages project digital assets (files and folders) as a series of version backups. Spresso is designed to be extremely easy to use and intuitive (especially for occasional use). There are currently two editions...