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5Tuners 1.2

5Tuners is your tuner of choice. Just click on the button and tune the music instrument with the sound of the tuned string. Original instruments sounds. Supported 5 Instruments: Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Balalaika, DoubleBass. 10 Pitches modes:...

Speed Upp

Speed Upp 1.3

ABOUT Programmable metronome for speed and fluency. Built for training precision and speed, it guides you during scale exercises and chromatic drills by changing tempo according to on-screen graph. FEATURES - Start slow, build up speed: Built...


DeTV 1.0

With the DeTV Application you can watch the easiest and fastest way live streaming German TV channels right from your Mac OS X Desktop. There are live streaming and recorded national channels, sport channels, movie channels, music channels and many...

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walknote 1.0.2

When you search new music, you'll do find, listen, find and listen...it's annoying! isn't it? walknote automatically finds out music you may like and plays them like a radio! Preview sounds are retrieved from YouTube and iTunes Store. Of course, you can...


ellV-Drum 1.1.0

16 Drum Pads plus a Rhythm Guitar Track. ellV-Drum allows to create your drum track and take it to any music production software. ellV-Drum is smart: it reads the audio files automatically from the preset folder, you can move the folder anywhere you want...

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D Perc

D Perc

One of its kind, you can control everything you hear. You can create your own and original rhythms with the technology of the slice editor and the groove combinations create unlimited number of grooves. Hundreds of amazing Multi-groove patches onboard....