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Py4J 0.8.1

Methods are called as if the Java objects resided in the Python interpreter.All Java collections can be accessed using the standard Python collection methods.There is no code to generate and no interface to implement for shared objects on both sides,...


JS.Class 4.0.5

It is a port and advanced implementation of Ruby's core object/module/class system in JavaScript code, as well as several standard Ruby libraries and various other extensions.Features:General Features: Method binding Ruby-like object system with classes,...

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Six 0.0.12

Six enhances the JavaScript syntax with new features currently under development with ECMAScript 6.Works with client-side (browsers) and server-side (Node.js) environments.Also comes with AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition)...


Morph 0.3.7

I can create class definitions via calling assignment methods at environment runtime.Features:It can work with files like: XML TSV Hpricot ActiveRecord What is new in this release:Don't mix in private methods when Morph is included. Requirements:Ruby...


RLua 1.0 / 1.0.beta1

It contains almost the full coverage of the Lua C API, seamless translation of Lua and Ruby objects into each other and calling functions of each language from other one.Hashes and Arrays are translated recursively: all keys and values are translated...

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facade 1.0.5

The facade pattern is a software engineering design pattern commonly used with object-oriented programming (OOP).In fact, the library wraps singleton methods from another classes as instance methods of the currently used class.What is new in this...


TypeScript 2.0.3 updated

TypeScript adds types, classes and modules to JavaScript, making JS a real alternative to established large-scale programming languages like Ruby, Python, C# or Java. It's similar to CoffeeScript, being a superset of JavaScript that in the end compiles...