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We created iLovePhotos to be simple and useful photo sharing. Play with your photos. Share your photos. Love your photos. iLovePhotos is free Mac desktop software that uses facial detection to make it effortless to share and enjoy your photos.What is...


FlickrFriend 0.99.61

FlickrFriend is an application which will help you secure your valuable Photos and videos. FlickrFriend does this by uploading all the photos and videos you have in iPhoto to your Flickr account. Manage all of your content in iPhoto and have it all...

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Piclair 0.6

Piclair is the new rapid way of sharing pics over the web, without effort. With Piclair you can share what you see with your friends, and everything happens in the blink of an eye! Works flawlessly with MSN, Skype, Facebook, Twitter...