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Version: 3
Upload Date: 20 Feb 15
Developer: Psiphon Inc.
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 1734

Rating: 3.5/5 (Total Votes: 2)

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Psiphon is a simple to administer and user-friendly, web-based proxy application. It allows users in regions with unrestricted Internet access to provide access to denied content to their friends, family, and associates in regions with restricted access.

Please contact the project leader if you're interested in helping us take Psiphon forward.

NOTE: The Psiphon 1.x and 2.x are different projects with different aims andarchitectures.

 Psiphon 1.x is a light-weight web proxy designed to run on a home PC (MS Windows-based) with no central management component. With Psiphon 1.x, a user asks a friend to run a proxy and can then access blocked sites via his or her friend's Internet connection. The Psiphon 1.x source code is available here: As of September 2010, Psiphon 1.X is no longer officially supported or actively developed by Psiphon inc.

Psiphon 2.x, a centrally managed web proxy system deployed by Psiphon Inc. to provide content delivery services through a cloud-based infrastructure.

What is new in this release:

  • Added Propagator Class and removed Node Admin/Node Host. Propagator is associated with multiple proxies and manages Power Users on all associated proxies.
  • Managing Power Users consists of viewing the list of Power Users, including their invite stats; inviting new Power Users; and assigning Power Users to proxies within the set the Propagator manages.
  • Also, when the Admin transitions users, if a Power User is transitioned to a new proxy, his managing Propagators are automatically granted access to the new proxy.
  • 495628 The ability to associate user classes with subsets of nodes will make the Node Host user class redundant with Node Admins
  • URL encryption is removed. It's no longer necessary as all in-proxies are fully controlled VPS instances: we can ensure that URLs are not logged. Removing URL encryption has some side benefits, enumerated below.
  • 457474 URL encryption breaks caching
  • 457433 Display plaintext URL in status bar when hover over links
  • 457417 Session expiry in middle of browsing causes 404
  • A user can create a new account using a previously registered email address. This enables a form of recovery: an email can be recycled from an abandoned account. The new account is not associated with the old account and no other data is transferred or recovered. The old account remains active, but with no email address associated with it.
  • 552603 Allow recovery of email address from lost account
  • 457345 Determine policy regarding account-deletion (and freeing up email addresses)
  • 551906 The rate-limiting mechanism on 'invalid' email-registration requests locks out users for one hour
  • Real email queue. Instead of writing emails to a database table which is processed by a cron job, emails are sent directly to an email queue daemon.
  • 495598 Delay before sending (first) invitation email is too long
  • 496720 Real email queue
  • "Mobile" content delivery. A rule set determines whether a custom user agent is presented to content sites based on domain/URL. This allows us to present, for example, the mobile user agent "Mozilla/4.0 (U; PalmOS)" for the YouTube upload page. The rule set configuration is similar to the "JSF" rules. Each rule can have a different user agent. Rules apply by longest matching URL.
  • 457400 General mechanism for redirecting to "mobile" or "Basic HTML" sites where necessary
  • Added a Reporter user class to allow access to the report screens only.
  • 581890 Create Reporter/Auditor user class
  • Guest browsing management screen usability enhancements.
  • 524642 Guest browsing: Indicate newly created link
  • 524644 Guest browsing: Sort list of links
  • Password reset is now a link to a separate form instead of a checkbox in the normal login form.
  • 457371 Improve password reset (new: security concerns here)
  • Replaced language combo with language bar on all screens. Login page language selection now takes immediate effect.
  • 457468 Login page language issues
  • Other bug fixes:
  • 457405 Bookmarks should add omitted "http://" automatically
  • 457412 Display processing_errors in edit form in users.php
  • 497506 users.php: Edit user: If current user does not have full_account permission, initial focus is incorrect
  • 513861 "Browse" link on email address verify-success screen doesn't work when logged in
  • 561827 Arabic translation has some broken right-to-left text
  • 562405 Pages without proper right-to-left direction style

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