MathMagic Personal Edition

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MathMagic Personal Edition
Software Details:
Version: 9.33 updated
Upload Date: 27 Nov 17
Developer: InfoLogic
Distribution Type: Shareware
Price: 69.00 $
Downloads: 47
Size: 17446 Kb

Rating: 2.2/5 (Total Votes: 6)

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MathMagic is a stand-alone equation editor for mathematical equations and symbols. MathMagic provides you with an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface and various powerful features. With MathMagic, you can easily create any mathematical expressions with color and style, and use them within various other software including iWork, AppleWorks, MS Word, and other word processors, presentation or layout software like Keynote or PowerPoint.

What is new in this release:

  • Fixed: All upper case characters in the pasted math expression or text string were converted to lower case unexpectedly.

What is new in version 9.32:

  • Added: Define Spacing: Vector & Long Arrows: "Center arrow height" field is added
  • Added: "Apply Character's Sub/Superscript Before Gap for Under/Over Bars and Arrows template" checkbox added to Define Spacing: Super/Subscript to Template pane.
  • Changed: Define Spacing: Fences & Vertical Bars: "Horizontal Gap" fields allow a negative value
  • Changed: Define Spacing: Super/Subscript to Character: "Script After Gap" fields allow a negative value
  • Changed: Define Spacing: Large Op and Integrals: "Large Op Gap" and "Integral box Gap" fields allow a negative value
  • Changed: Define Spacing: Accents: "Prime After Gap" field allows a negative value
  • Changed: Define Spacing: Matrix: "Horizontal / Vertical Overhang" fields allow a negative value
  • Changed: Define Spacing: Line Spacing & Box Property: "Line Between Boxes Overhang" fields allow a negative value
  • Fixed: Some LaTeX symbol names for Set commands changed and fixed.

What is new in version 9.31:

  • Added: MSWord's MathML expression can be pasted into MathMagic.
  • Added: Command-click on a Template or Symbol toolbar button will detach the palette.
  • Changed: Some messages and UI improved.

What is new in version 9.3:

  • Added: 3 new Variables added to the vertical Fence type: Up-Arrow, Down-Arrow, Up-Down-Arrow.
  • Changed: Default Alignment option is changed to "Align =<..." from "Align Left".
  • Changed: LaTeX exporting does not add "mathrm" for non-Variable components.
  • Fixed: Frame box was saved in red color when saving in SVG format.
  • Fixed: "Not Equal" symbol on the Plus-Minus symbol palette corrected to ne for LaTeX conversion.
  • Fixed: The shape of Left/Right arrow heads improved for triangle shape.
  • Fixed: "Line Between Boxes" submenu commands such as "Add Line Below" and "Add Line Above" were improperly enabled in a single line box when in a certain templates with script boxes.

What is new in version 9.2:

  • Added: Supports BOM (Byte Order Mark) header in .mmf file when modified by 3rd party text editors or transmitted over the internet.
  • Added: Fence types dialog now supports removing the fence template, leaving the Fence contents in place.
  • Fixed: "Show Current Char Info" did not display the current cursor location correctly when placed next to Negative-width spaces.
  • Fixed: "Chang Fence Type" dialog did not recognized the current Fence at the cursor location in some cases.
  • Fixed: MathML expression for Vertical Double Line Fence.

What is new in version 9.14:

  • Added: Mac OS X 10.10 compatible digital signature supported.
  • Added: PDF equation saved by MathMagic Personal now supports the baseline info so Nisus Pro word processor supports the baseline alignment for inline equations.(Personal Edition only)
  • Changed: MathMagic Fonts folder is available separately in the disk image for manual installation.

What is new in version 9.11:

  • Fixed: Define Spacing -> "Export, Margin and Others" tab could not set Max Equation width guide line for 120mm or wider.
  • Fixed: Format -> Vertical Fence Adjustment -> "Change Fence Type" command disabled for Middle vertical bar fences because they are not supported at the moment.

What is new in version 9.1:

  • Added: Default Alignment option for Fences can be specified separately for vertical straight lined Fences and curly Fences.
  • Added: Define Style dialog supports User-defined Font and Size for Accent symbols. (Pro only)
  • Added: Import/Export -> MathML Export supports "Minimize the use of Attributes" for simpler MathML output.
  • Changed: Height calculation improved for Fence Alignment of "Baseline aligned, Height balanced" option.
  • Changed: A few factory setting values for TeX spacing rule changed to make equation look better.
  • Fixed: Binary Operators were not changed to Unary/Single Operators after Open Fences.
  • Fixed: Conversion for Some symbols in the MathML DTD name table fixed.

What is new in version 9.02:

  • Added: Copy As Edmodo supported for pasting in
  • Added: supports Pasting of Edmodo LaTeX expression with [math] prefix into MathMagic window.

What is new in version 9.01:

  • Added: cmd-option-shift-Tab shortcut key assigned to the new right-align Tab.
  • Added: cmd-0 shortcut key assigned to open Vertical Fence dialog and cmd-shift-0 to Horizontal Bar/Fence dialog.
  • Latest shortcut keys are available here:
  • Changed: The last item of Superscript template palette, predefined "power of 4", is changed to "-1".
  • Fixed: Several 2-step shortcut keys fixed including cmd-K, followed by T to enter multiplication symbol, and shift-T to enter division symbol.

What is new in version 8.93:

- Added: Frames saved in SVG format now support Background color
- Fixed: Trying a newer version beyond the License period does not reset the original License info anymore.
- Fixed: Some Frame shapes are improved to make better result in smaller or larger scale.

What is new in version 8.92:

  • Added: Circle line thickness of Closed (circled) Integral can be separately specified in the "Under/Over Large Operators & Integrals" tab of the Define Spacing dialog.
  • Changed: Default location of floating windows adjusted.
  • Fixed: Some symbols in the Not Set palette caused crash when Undo / Redo applied.
  • Fixed: Italic Overhang adjustment for Overbar template and Vector Arrow template not worked with OpenType fonts.


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