Vendetta Online

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Vendetta Online
Software Details:
Version: 1.8.334 updated
Upload Date: 5 May 15
Developer: Guild Software
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 6

Rating: 4.3/5 (Total Votes: 3)

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Vendetta Online is a massive multiplayer game that permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast universe. Users may build their characters in any direction they desire, becoming rich captains of industry, military heros, or outlaws. A fast-paced, realtime "twitch" style combat model gives intense action, coupled with the backdrop of RPG gameplay in a massive online galaxy. Three major player factions form a delicate balance of power, with several NPC sub-factions creating situations of economic struggle, political intrigue and conflict. The completely persistent universe and detailed storyline add to the depth of immersion, resulting in a unique online experience.

What is new in this release:

- Fixed turret leadoff indicator color when target is outside the field-of-view.
- Temperature Scanner now properly obeys its range limit.
- Added Retina support for the OpenGL 4 driver on OS X.
- Fixed touchscreen virtual keyboard issues when using plugins on Android.
- Fixed double-press issue when going into the Nav menu from the HUD on Android.
- Fixed issue with the Auto-Aim Advanced Game Setting being set to Disabled when touchscreen mode is disabled and a gamepapd is being used on Android.

What is new in version 1.8.331:

- Improved High Drain Power Cell has been buffed to 50/sec generation and 18 grid power.
- Extreme Drain Power Cell has been buffed to 52/sec generation.
- Auto Aim for Turret weapons has been changed to use weapon stats rather than a fixed AA threshold.
- Major changes to improve the robustness of billing support on Play Store and Amazon, which will require installation of APK updates from those stores. Please report any new billing problems as soon as possible.

What is new in version 1.8.327:

- Fixed issue with not being able to type in chat while jumping and warping.
- When alt-tabbing out in full screen DirectX 11 mode, alt-tabbing back will return to full screen mode.
- The wireframe radar extender effect is now visible in DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.
- The Windows executable binaries are now signed with a certificate.
- The DirectX 11 version now uses a different shadow technique (Poisson PCF with slope-based depth bias), also implemented across all OpenGL 4 versions.
- Very experimental, optional OpenGL 4 driver added to MacOS X. Switching drivers is a little strange, and a full game re-start may be needed to avoid graphics corruption. We're still working on it, this is an optional early-access, use at your own risk.
- Fixed the capship shield effect not rendering properly.
- The glow effect should now work on the experimental OpenGL 4 driver.
- A plugins/ folder is now automatically created on first run for the Android version.
- Changed the default active button for the EULA menu.
- The 'Play' button is now automatically made the active button when changing characters.
- When a menu is closed and it doesn't have active focus, the current active focus control no longer gets unfocused.
- Fixed a couple of lua errors.

What is new in version 1.8.321:

- Added dynamic light sources to many of the "neon-style" floating signs, visible in the prototype DX11 or OpenGL drivers.
- New sound effects: Avalon Torpedo impact/explosions, queen and capship explosions, and special Heavy Assault Cruiser explosion effects.
- Preliminary dynamic lights have been added to the docking and launch bays.
- Fixed the glow effect so it isn't so over-bright.
- Shadowmap cascade levels are consolidated into 1 texture atlas
instead of 4 separate textures.
- Tweaked the shadow cascade transition to be more subtle.
- Tweaked render state changes in the DirectX 11 driver.
- Ice asteroids and solar panels now receive shadows.

What is new in version 1.8.317:

- Fixed buffer overrun in prototype OpenGL driver for Linux.
- Added reminder to mobile version to convert the one-click account so character progression isn't lost.
- Added a periodic request to rate the mobile version of Vendetta Online.

What is new in version 1.8.315:

- New prototype OpenGL driver has been added to Linux. To try it out, go to Options -> Video -> Change driver... and select 'OpenGL 4 GKGL driver'. Multiple dynamic lights are enabled with this driver if your GPU supports the GL_ARB_ES2_compatibility extension. Dynamic lights include weapon fire, rocket/missile/ship exhaust, and explosions.
- Strikeforce are now launched when you have Temp-KOS against Corvus and you enter Corvus monitored space.
- Auto-aim can only be toggled up to twice per second.
- Fixed a bug where Capture-the-Cargo ended twice at the same time.
- Fixed rendering issues when changing Scaling mode on certain Android devices.
- Optimized nearby dynamic-light finding algorithm.
- Added optimization to consolidate multiple nearby lights.

What is new in version 1.8.312:

Added dynamic lighting to asteroid mining effect.

What is new in version 1.8.311:

- Improved two areas of player hit-checking to make hits more accurate under all circumstances. This should improve PvP for everyone, whether individual player ping-times are high or low.
- Added dynamic lighting to ship damage fire effects.
- Fixed problem with dynamic lights sometimes not being removed.

What is new in version 1.8.309:

- Lightsources from weapons are now colored to match their visual effect.
- Added support for multiple lightsources to more ships.
- Fixed crashes when changing video drivers or resolution when in multi-threaded rendering mode.
- DirectX 11 driver now chooses window-mode if it cannot go to fullscreen-mode instead of falling back to the DirectX 9 driver
- Switching video drivers should no longer cause graphical artifacts.

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