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XWiki 7.4 updated

XWiki can be used for creating intranets, simple websites, knowledge management apps, can be embedded into a CMS, for project collaboration, and even run as a fully-fledged portal. The plethora of features included with the platform allow it to easily...


askbot 0.7.53 updated

Users can ask questions and wait answers from the community.The site is mainly inspired by the StackOverflow website, a community of web developers helping each other.Features: Possibility to ask and answer questions Votes Reputation system User...


DokuWiki 2015-08-10a updated

Its powerful syntax makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the Wiki. Installation: Download the newest release. Read the security page before you begin installing. Take it seriously. Unpack the distribution tarball and upload/copy the files to...

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WebIssues 1.1.4 updated

WebIssues can be used for managing bugs, feature requests, issues and any problems that need to be fixed in a project. What is new in this release: It is now possible to export the list of issues in CSV format also from the Web Client. The quick...


Question2Answer 1.7.4 updated

Question2Answer includes two sections. The frontend where the main activity takes place, and a backend section where only administrators have access, where the system's settings are configured. There's plenty of details to change in the admin panel,...


Gollum 4.0.1 updated

Written in Ruby and JavaScript, the system was built by the GitHub Team and currently powers the GitHub Wikis. Gollum wikis are simply Git repositories that adhere to a specific format. Content can be edited with a text editor or IDE, with the built-in...

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Raneto 0.9.0 updated

Raneto combines features found in flat-file CMSs and static site generators to provide a fully-working knowledgebase that can help individuals and companies provide support, instructions, and a way to answer simple questions users might have about a...


MarkWiki 1.4.1

MarkWiki is a wiki application that works and behaves just like any other wiki, only it uses Markdown for formatting text.Besides simple text styling, Markdown is also used to store the content in (as .MD files).Under the hood MarkWiki works just like any...