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Cacti 0.8.8c

Cacti is basically a PHP frontend for RRDTool.While RRDTool is used to record traffic and MRTG to plot out the graphs, Cacti a fast PHP&MySQL interface to organize, filter and navigate through all the data.Cacti provides a fast way to sip through the data...


Piwik 2.16.5 / 3.0.0 Beta 1 updated

Piwik is written in PHP and MySQL, and like Google Analytics needs the webmaster to embed a JavaScript tracking code into his website. Once properly setup, unlike Google Analytics, Piwik works from the webmaster's server, keeping all the tracked data...

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heatmap.js 2.0.1 updated

It draws heatmaps in real-time using the HTML 5 canvas element. By default, hot spots are shown with a red coloring, while areas that did not get any attention are left transparent.Tested and working with Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 10, Safari 5, Opera 11 and IE...

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Ahoy 1.3.0 updated

Ahoy can be used to build statistics and tracking systems for your applications. This bare-bones library provides basic methods for attaching a logging action to a specific event. What this means is that whenever the user does X, Ahoy will record X and...


BBClone 0.6.4 updated

BBClone logs visitor details and processes them into nice looking tables, charts, and datagrids. Webmasters can then use it to interpret a website's traffic details, adapting their site's content to their audience. BBClone is easy to install and...