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Softaculous 4.7.9 updated

Softaculous allows web hosting companies to provide users with an automated solution for installing complex web applications. An auto-installer can be used to install scripts and software without the user having to upload files. All files and database...


CometD 3.0.9 updated

CometD is a Dojo Foundation project to provide implementations of the Bayeux protocol (HTTP Publish-Subscribe, Bayeux protocol, AJAX Push, or just simply Comet).CometD can be deployed inside a server and allow developers to easily implement...


Prerender 4.0.6 updated

Prerender comes to address a problematic niche in today's Web development community: getting search engine crawlers to index JS-powered apps and websites.While frameworks like Backbone.js, Ember or AngularJS have greatly simplified the process of creating...

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nginx-conf 1.2.0 updated

nginx-conf allows developers to change the config files of local or remote nginx servers via simple JS calls. Besides basic changes, the module can handle other simple operations as well, including but not limited to backing up configs, logging,...


Alerta 4.7.8 updated

Created by "The Guardian" development team, Alerta is a tool that allows webmasters to keep an eye on multiple servers, multiple processes, and various services, all at the same time, in real-time, from one single central location.Alerta will aggregate...


Feathers 1.3.0 updated

Feathers lets developers create REST APIs for their own services and platforms, an API server that works in real-time and for which you don't have to employ an expensive staff or rent complex server architectures. Feathers simplifies the process of...


Finagle 6.33.0 updated

Finagle was developed by the Twitter team to help them build high-concurrency, fault-tolerant clients and servers. Finagle simplifies this process by setting the ground for a protocol-agnostic communications system. If all these terms have confused you,...

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Thin 1.6.4 / 2.0.0.pre updated

The server merges together three commonly used Ruby HTTP servers into single tool for advanced, rapid Ruby development: Rack Mongrel EventMachine This creates an all-covering solution for the most niche Ruby Web development needs. Besides the wide...


pysolr 3.3.3 updated

It provides an basic interface that queries the server and returns results based on the entered query.Features:Basic operations such as selecting, updating & deleting. Index optimization. "More Like This" support (if setup in Solr). Spelling...