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opentype.js 0.6.2 updated

opentype.js is an open source JavaScript library that can parse font information from the source, meaning the font files themselves. The library supports OpenType and TrueType fonts, allowing developers to read data like: - font glyph paths - font glyph...


Sassline 2.1.2 updated

Also available in a compiled CSS state, Sassline is just a basic stylesheet that includes various rules for properly aligning text on a Web page. Why is this important? Because most CSS frameworks reset text alignment, browsers don't include professional...


jQuery.dotdotdot 1.8.0 updated

The ellipsis (three dots, ... ) signifies the presence of more text, and allows large text blocks to fit in small containers. jQuery.dotdotdot simplifies the process of adding this type of indicator inside text and replace long paragraphs with small...

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Plumin.js 1.0.6 updated

Plumin.js is a tool that can parse font files and make them available via a simple API to JavaScript developers.They can then manipulate each character in part, editing their details and altering the result displayed on the page.There's no need for any...


SmartUnderline 3.0.2 updated

SmartUnderline works by interrupting underlines to let low-reaching characters go through. This is a better typography practice which indirectly improves the text readability and also beautifies the text. The library was inspired by the newer iOS8 release...


Franc 1.1.3 updated

Franc is an 100% JavaScript language detection solution written as an alternative to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other language detection APIs. Currently the library already supports more languages than all of these services and can be used for both...

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is.js 0.2.1

is.js can take a string and check against known text formats. The is.js library is currently available for Node.js, jQuery and regular ol' stand-alone JavaScript. Checks string to be a: Date Time Date and time Credit card number ISBN...


randexp.js 0.4.2 updated

The library generate a random string that matches a given RegExp JavaScript object. Randexp.js can be used to create filler content or random strings, where applicable. Works in client-side (browser) or server-side (Node.js) environments. Also availble to...