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Flashcard Hero

Flashcard Hero 2.9.1 updated

Flashcard Hero keeps track of what facts you already know so you can focus on what you don't know and save a lot of time. Beyond your average-vocab-app: We made Flashcard Hero for those of you who want to fit more than a few words on each card....


Bookends 13.4 updated

Bookends is a full featured and cost-effective bibliography/reference and information management system for students and professionals. With Bookends you can easily import references (information about journal articles, books) from EndNote, and...

JXCirrus Maths

JXCirrus Maths 1.9 updated

JXCirrus Maths is a maths training application aimed at primary school children. It focuses on basic arithmetic: Times tables, addition, subtraction and division. Set up any number of exercises for your child. For Times tables and division:...


Ockham 2.0.2 updated

Ockham is an innovative app for performing rigorous sensitivity analyses for a high number of parameters of a mathematical model. Sensitivity analysis is a crucially important tool for assessing and validating complex process models and to...

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Gigi 1.0

Gigi is a plagiarism detection software with 5000 word per day free quota and a big quota of 1200 words/hour. A speed of 10 words/second. Rechecking a paper you've already checked for previously takes mere seconds. Results for previous checks are cached...

Knowledge NoteBook

Knowledge NoteBook 9.5 updated

Knowledge NoteBook boosts learning. It has numerous note-taking, studying, comprehension tools to help a student do better in his schoolwork. It is very easy to understand and will make comprehension of the material one is learning come more quickly....


Wokabulary 3.3.0 updated

Wokabulary is the new, fun and effective way to learn and rehearse words. Just like the flash-card systems you had in school, Wokabulary organises your words in different memory levels. This makes it easy to see which words you already know well and what...

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ChordLab 3.2.0

Harmony is a difficult and complex part of music theory with chord spelling and construction at its very basis. What is a chord? Is it C - E - G# or C - E - Ab? You like the sound of those four notes on your guitar, but is it a chord? And if so, what is...


EarMan 1.6.3

A good ear is the key to all musicianship. One of the most basic skills for any musician is the ability to correctly identify intervals, something that is typically practiced in class or with a private tutor. It is an affordable, no-nonsense application...