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MarkMyWords 1.0.0

MarkMywords offers easy format- and structurizing-functions for articles which will be published on the web and remains platform-independent by using plain text documents. Some highlights of the MarkMyWords feature-set: - Support of a variety of...


SizeMyPics 1.4.1

SizeMyPics can support you in converting a lot of pictures to another format and size in a convenience way. Read all about the features SizeMyPics has to offer and how it can make your work easier. What kind of image-formats are supported? SizeMyPics...


eBookBinder 1.2.0

What is eBookBinder, what can it do for you? eBookBinder is the super-easy tool to create your own eBooks using your existing text-documents. There are just three major steps to your very own eBook: 1. Enter book details: Name of the book and its...

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Myary 1.0.6

Saving your entries Every single entry will be stored in a separate file and you can freely choose where your entries should be saved to. Myary automatically creates a covenant folder hierarchy where you can find your entries fast, even outside of Myary....