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Zoom Player Max

Zoom Player Max 14.3 updated

Zoom Player is the most powerful, flexible and customizable Media Player application for the Windows PC platform. Based on our highly-touted Smart Play technology, more media formats play with less hassle, improved stability and greater...

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QuickDog 0807 18.7.16 updated

Dog Racing Handicapping Software includes: 1) Auto Import of today's race and yesterday's charts, 2) Import into a database and export to programs such as Access, 3) Rapid handicapping, 4) Automated streamlining of methods based on past races at...

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QuickHorse 18.6.1 updated

1. Automatically locates, imports and converts FREE Internet Racing ENTRIES and CHARTS Data into a database which is exportable to other programs such as Microsoft Excel. You can also use data you have purchased from Brisnet. 2. Allows you to use...

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DittoBitto 9.08

DittoBitto is a clever, easy to use, yet powerful multi-user relational database management system. DittoBitto is a scaled down clone of Microsoft's Access database format but doesn't require all the virtual basic coding. It's small in size yet...

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ScalarCalc 2.0 updated

ScalarCalc is a true Unit Calculator and Unit Converter. Do real math with units. For example, try multiplying 5 pounds(av) and 2 [inches/second/second]. The calculator automatically finds the result with the new units 115.21246198...

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