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Wokabulary 3.3.0 updated

Wokabulary is the new, fun and effective way to learn and rehearse words. Just like the flash-card systems you had in school, Wokabulary organises your words in different memory levels. This makes it easy to see which words you already know well and what...


Toady 2.0

Toady is a very nice little programm that compliments you as often as you need it. Using the widely spread Growl Notifaction System Toady sucks up to you from the background without disturbing your workflow. Yet you can enjoy Toady's colorful and cheering...


Quokka 1.4

Quokka provides you with 10 fully functional clipboards (in addition to the standard cmd+c clipboard) that you can access through freely customizable keyboard shortcuts. Copy multiple images, text or other data in parallel and keep frequently used...


Floret 1.0

loret is a digital flower that lives on your Mac. It will start its life as a seed and will slowly grow if you take good care of her like watering and fertilizing her regularly. Floret also shows you the current local weather and the three day...

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This is your chance to become a famous Hollywood movie maker! With this highly realistic comic-style simulation game you are able to produce the movies you always wanted to watch. Find a story, choose your favorite actors and a capable director, underlay...

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Doorman 2.3

Doorman is the password generator the world waited for...ok, it isn't, but it is a password generator that you will like. You can get a random password with the length you wish and restrain the symbols that should be used. You can combine letters in...


Dragonfly 3.4

Dragonfly is a color picker especially for webdesigners and media artists. In contrast to other color pickers Dragonfly allows you to select multiple colors and to see them immediately side by side. In that way you can quickly and easily find well fitting...

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