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Growly Freecell

Growly Freecell 2.0.2 updated

Unlike traditional solitaire, FreeCell is very easy to win. If you're looking for a pastime that isn't too frustrating, this may be your game. (The "experts" claim that over 99.9% of games can be won, but I've never found one I couldn't beat.) That...

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Growly Calculator is intentionally simple: it lets you play around with numbers. And that's it. No charting or presentations, no built-in programming language, no incomprehensible twists. It's the spreadsheet we wish we'd had starting in the...

Growly Draw

Growly Draw 1.2.6

Since the very first digital computer, there have been two basic types of images: vector graphics (you specify how a shape should be drawn but don't worry about the details), and bitmaps, (also called rasters, you tweak any and every pixel)....

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Growly Backup

Growly Backup 1.1.1 updated

Growly Backup can help protect you against data loss due to accident or theft of your computer or its data. It doesn't replace automatic backup schemes such as Time Machine and storing files on the cloud, it augments them by giving you an easy way to...

Growly Checkbook

Growly Checkbook 2.0.2 updated

Some say knowledge is power. Growly Checkbook gives you the knowledge to take control of your spending. By recording all your transactions - deposits, checks, credit and debit cards, billpay - you'll know how much money you really have. It's a good first...

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Growly Backgammon

Growly Backgammon 2.0.2 updated

This might be the oldest board game in the world, but every game is a different contest. Starting with fixed positions, you and the computer player try to move your pieces onto the home area and then off the board. The dice control what moves are...

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