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Memo Sticky Notes

Memo Sticky Notes 2.04 updated

Memo is a simple stickers app that let you store your notes with password. Memo is the perfect companion to store datas, quick to do, several account info, some data can be stored securely to keep your data off from unwanted eyes. - Memo support...

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Do you have an overfilling hard drive? Or are your files just scattered everywhere around your Mac? Disk Scope solves this problem, it gives you a visual layout to where your files are, shown as bars. When you open Disk Scope for the first time you...

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GTab 1.0

GTab Is a simple and lightweight tab for access to your Mail. it support Gmail and google Apps and have realtime Push notification of new Email, with the support of the Notification center. The app is Lightweight and do not store any files in your...

Memory Boost

Memory Boost 1.0.1

Memory Boost is a new generation memory cleaner application. Recent OS have very advanced memory management and should not use any third part free memory application that are just removing the inactive memory causing the system run slow and using a...

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Fresh Feed is a simple and effective feed aggregator, you can choose a list of your favorite feeds and check them easily and fast through the smart Fresh Feed interface. If you are interested in reading more about the news you can click on the icon and...

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OS Track

OS Track 1.03

OsTrack is a highly advanced monitoring system for your computer that allows you to analyse your use of the resources of your Os over time. CPU, memory and network bandwidth are monitored constantly, giving you a clear graphical representation of your use...

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