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Desktop Web Browser

Desktop Web Browser 7.1 updated

You want to navigate the internet directly on the desktop of the Finder? You want to display a webpage as your desktop wallpaper. Then Desktop Web Browser is what you need. Desktop Web Browser allows you to navigate the internet and to display...

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File Properties Editor allows you to edit several properties of any kind of files. You can edit the properties of any kind of file (files, folders, applications). You can edit their name, their type, their creator, their creation date and time,...

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Folder Backup

Folder Backup 6.1 updated

Folder Backup allows you to back up any folder into a single disk image archive with one simple click. It backs up your folder into a single disk image archive which is compact and prevents from any involuntary access. If you want you can...

Function Keys Mapper

Function Keys Mapper 8.1 updated

You want to quickly launch any application, open any file or any folder with the F1 to F19 function keys of your keyboard? You want to improve your efficiency by rapidly opening them from your keyboard? Then Function Keys Mapper is what you need....

Get File Path

Get File Path 8.1 updated

You want to be able with a single drag and drop or a single click to get or copy in the clipboard the path of a file or a folder? You don't want to send full files to your colleagues by email but just a link in order to work on the same documents...

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IP Address Menu

IP Address Menu 9.1 updated

You want to display your current IP address in the menu bar? You want to display your user name, your computer name, the IP address, the subnet mask and the MAC address of each of your network interface at the same time? You want your Mac to...