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Oxwall 1.7.5 updated

Oxwall was designed to allow webmasters to build and run online communities, portals and social networks.The Oxwall platform allows users to interact with one another and share content between them.This includes messages, news, music, videos and many...


HumHub 0.20.1 / 1.0.0-beta.4 updated

HumHub is a PHP script coded on top of the Yii PHP framework that provides an easy to use toolkit for creating and launching your own social network. While chances to overtake Mark Zuckerberg are quite low, social networks, online portals, and smaller...

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PHP Melody

PHP Melody 2.5 updated

PHP Melody has been for many years the primary go-to tool when it comes to building video sharing and movie viewing sites. This utility features a top-level administration panel where webmasters can add content to their site or manage the content users...


XVideoSharing 1.6 updated

XVideoSharing follows a simple video portal pattern put in place by YouTube, allowing users to share mini video clips with their friends. It's easy to install and use and comes with plenty of default features, along with the possibility to add more via...


VideNox 1.0

VideNox is a Web script written for PHP and MySQL servers, a tool that allows users to register, view, and upload videos or music files.There's an admin panel where webmasters can manage all the site's content and its underlying general features.The...


PHPVibe 3.6

PHPVibe is a top shelf solution for running a video sharing platform, a website where users come to upload and/or watch videos from other people.You can also use PHPVibe to host YouTube videos as well, creating sites with curated YouTube clips where...

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PHPfox 3.8.0

PHPfox is packed full of features that will let webmasters run their very own Facebook clone without having to pay for a bunch of developers to do so.The script comes with pretty normal requirements and can easily run on common shared hosting...


mooSocial 2.3.1 updated

mooSocial lets webmasters setup a social network on their own private servers. This platform works on classic LAMP environments and was created to support lots and lots of features out of the box, with the secondary option of making new customizations via...