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Bare Bones Slider

Bare Bones Slider 1.2.1 updated

The Bare Bones Slider (also known as BB Slider) comes with a minimalistic interface, allowing developers to add their own custom styles on top and integrate it with any of their projects' original design and templates. Outside the visual interface,...


Swiper 3.2.7 updated

Desgined especially for mobile devices, Swiper is an open source slideshow tool for creating nice looking, but complex at the same time content carousels. To rotate a slide, just grab and drag the slideshow canvas in a direction. Both horizontal and...


Scroller 1.0

Scroller can be used to implement one of those cool content sliders you see these days on most professional websites and commercial themes.The concept has been used very successfully on Apple's own website and relies on showing a small dotted navigation...

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FlexSlider 2.6.0 updated

FlexSlider comes with plenty of features and settings to customize, allowing easy customization to fit any page design or UI. A demo is provided with the download package.What is new in this release:CSS fix for pausePlay play icon. Firefox touchstart...


TremulaJS 1.2.4

TremulaJS can be used in building complex, fully-customizable, and versatile image galleries.The developer can control the gallery's layout, with preset options ranging from the classic Apple cover flow to rounded carousels and up to Pinterest-like image...


μslider 2.0

μslider (or muslider) can be used to showcase important content on a website, creating a special area where content can be featured.The slider supports CSS-based skins, caption sections, autostart, and next/prev navigation controls.Developers can also...


Roller 3.2.9 updated

Roller is a tool that can take a collection of HTML sections and rotate them one after the other inside a container.Roller uses jQuery for DOM manipulation tasks and CSS 3 for animations.What is new in this release:Fixing margin issue on roller-item. What...

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Killer Carousel

Killer Carousel 1.2 Rev 1501161200

Killer Carousel uses JavaScript to take a collection of photos and display it in the classical carousel format.The images are rotated in a circle and titled to a slight angle, giving the illusion of a 3D perspective.The user can use right/left arrows to...


BeaverSlider 2.0.1

BeaverSlider can be used in building classic slideshows where users can navigate through a collection of images.Various slideshow modes are supported, from the classic "slide to the side" motions, to Ken Burns like zoom effects.Lots of transitions and...