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Voyager 4.5.7

Voyager 4 gives you a photorealistic textured horizon display - create a digital panorama of your own horizon, and show a realistic sky as it appears from your back yard!Stars are drawn with photo quality using a model based on real CCD star images. You...

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jVisualizer 2.5.1

Coupling patterns in NMR spectroscopy are sometimes not easy to understand. With jVisualizer you've got a intuitive tool to reconstruct the patterns found in your experiment. In a second step you can type in the chemical shifts and calculate the coupling...

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Orbit3d 1.0

Orbit3d simulates the motion of bodies in space, in three dimensions, using Newton's laws. Editing tools are included to build and simulate your own solar systems and several example systems are included.Requirements:Mac OS...


MetricMaster 4.0.5

MetricMaster is a measurement unit conversion calculator containing over 2,000 metric/S.I., imperial, U.S. conventional, and other units in its database, most to 14 digit precision. Use it to convert units of length, area, distance, volume, time,...