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Cell Tally

Cell Tally 1.0.1

Available on the Mac App Store!Microscopy Image Cell Counter: Click, count, analyse. Cell Tally is a fully featured, easy to use, manual cell counter for use with microscopy images and more. It completely streamlines the process of manual cell counting...

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CodonCode Aligner

CodonCode Aligner 8.0.2 updated

CodonCode Aligner is a leading software program for DNA sequence analysis. Widely used in evolution research, biogeography, and other biomedical fields, it offers many features not found in competing programs, including the ability to compare contigs with...

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ConsultantX 2.0v4

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are used in industrial, mining and civil engineering applications to control distributed systems from a master location. SCADA is a very broad umbrella that describes solutions such as monitoring a...