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Lynkeos 3.1 updated

Lynkeos is a Cocoa (macOS) application dedicated to the processing of astronomical (mainly planetary) images. Its main features are : Native macOS; Optimized for vector units; Optimized for multi cores / multi processors; Adapted to planetary and...


Cartographica 1.4.9 updated

Explore and refine data, create beautiful maps, export information for the web using Google Maps and Google Earth (via our KML Export capabilities). Merge data from several sources. Get local data from your government in CSV Latitude and...


SimThyr 4.0 updated

SimThyr is a continuous simulator for pituitary-thyroid homeostasis. Pre-compiled Software is available for Mac OS X, Mac OS Classic and Windows. SimThyr was developed with Lazarus / Free Pascal (Mac OS X and Windows) or THINK Pascal (Mac OS...

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Sonde 0.3.4

Sonde is an app to decode radio transmissions from radiosondes (weather balloons). It currently can decode LMS6 and Mark IIa style radiosondes. Support for other styles could be added, I would need high quality recordings of them for testing...


AmplifX 2.0b updated

The main purpose of AmplifX is to seek in a collection of primers, such as any molecular biologist get in his refrigerators, those which can be use to amplify a fragment into a target sequence, for example, and particularly, to design strategies...

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SPICE 6.0044 updated

Multicolor flow cytometry experiments generate vast amounts of complex data and require sophisticated software for their evaluation. SPICE is a data mining software application that analyzes large FLOWJO data sets from polychromatic flow...


iBabel 4.0 updated

iBabel gives access to chemical file conversion, sub-structure and similarity searching, overlays, sorting and manipulation of lists of compounds, also include structure viewing capabilities, using JMOLand JChempaint (Included in application bundle). With...