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CppSpec 0.4

CppSpec is a behavior driven development (BDD) framework for C++. Behavior Driven Development is a refinement of TDD which turns the focus from writing the tests to the process of defining the behavior of the software using tests.Using CppSpecTo define...


CppUnit 1.13.2

CppUnit is an open source command-line software implemented in C++ as a port of the Java powered JUnit unit testing framework created by Michael Feathers. It works on Linux, Windows and Macintosh operating systems.Features at a glanceKey features include...

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crpcut 1.9.2

crpcut (pronounced "crap cut") is the Compartmented Robust Posix C++ Unit Tester. With crpcut it's easy to write tests that other unit-test frameworks cannot manage.Introductory example:An example testing parts of std::string: #include < crpcut.hpp...


cynic 1.0

These days almost any application has several integration points like database, gateway, payment, or some Web service that it consumes over HTTP.All communication with the remote systems happens over the network and both networks and those systems often...