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AceUnit 0.7.0

AceUnit (Advanced C and Embedded Unit): a comfortable C code unit test framework. AceUnit is JUnit 4.x style, easy, modular and flexible.This project can be used in resource constraint environments, e.g. embedded software development.What is new in this...


Acovea 1.0.1

Acovea implements a genetic algorithm for finding the "best" options for compiling programs with the GCC C and C++ compilers.ACOVEA (Analysis of Compiler Options via Evolutionary Algorithm) implements a genetic algorithm to find the "best" options for...


Ahven 2.3

Ahven is a simple unit test library (or a framework) for Ada 95 programming language. The project is loosely modeled after JUnit and some ideas are taken from AUnit.Ahven is free software distributed under permissive ISC license and should work with any...

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Attest 0.5.3

Attest is a unit testing framework built from the ground up with idiomatic Python in mind. Unlike others, it is not built on top of unittest though it provides compatibility by creating TestSuites from Attest collections.It has a functional API...


Bazinga 0.2.4

Bazinga is a plugin for nose to run incremental tests.It recursively detects what are the dependencies for each test module by looking at the modules that are imported. If no dependency file was changed since the last successful test, it skips all the...

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