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adx 1.06

adx is an open source, portable, lightweight, customizable, free, XML-based and small web-based address book software written in JavaScript/XSL and designed to support comprehensive contact details, including user identifiers, instant messengers, and...


Aethera 1.2.1

Aethera is a pim application, i.e. it handles all kinds of personal information: email, contacts, notes, tasks, todos, journals. It has various communication features regarding: send/receive email, send/receive task requests and appointment requests via...

Blue Mind

Blue Mind 3.0.11

Blue Mind is a completely free and open source web-based software project that provides an all-in-one groupware solution for companies that want to enable their employees to work daily with useful, comprehensive, effective and efficient tools.Features at...


Bonita 5.5.1

Bonita is a flexible cooperative workflow system, compliant to WfMC specifications, based on the workflow model proposed by the ECOO Team, which incorporates the anticipation of activities as a more flexible mechanism of workflow execution.Features:A...

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Collaba 10.0

Collaba features secure e-mail (web & pop3/smtp, crypto.), on-line forums (web, rss & nntp), blogs (web & rss), multimedia chat, calendaring, address book, bookmarks organizer, web space, file server access (web, ftp, smb, cifs, webdav, etc.), Qualified...

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