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Gnumeric 1.12.42 updated

Gnumeric is an open source spreadsheet application that uses GNOME's technologies to provide users with one of the best solution for working with spreadsheets in an open source computing environment. Boasts a familiar user interface It boasts ...


XMIND 7 (v3.6.50) updated

XMIND is a free, cross-platform and revolutionary mind mapping and brainstorming graphical software that enables users to work efficiently and carry out various ideas easily by revolutionizing the way they capture and manage information. With the XMIND...


TOMUSS 6.0.8 updated

TOMUSS is an open source, completely free, well-done, simple to use, platform-independent and browser-based groupware application implemented in Python and designed from the ground up to allow multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table using...

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iTop 2.2.1 updated

iTop (also known as IT Operations Portal) is an open source and full-featured ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) that helps you to better manage a complex IT environment and manage your customers. A web-based service management app It is...


OrangeHRM 3.3.2 updated

OrangeHRM comes as a comprehensive solution for the efficient development and management of your Human Resource.The project will assist you in the complex and strategic process of managing this crucial resource of your enterprise.What is new in this...


Dolibarr 3.7.1 updated

Dolibarr is a small and simple web-based interface that includes CRM and ERP capabilities.Dolibarr is designed for both freelancers and small companies, and is can handle the required documentation and bills for company management.What is new in this...

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Aethera 1.2.1

Aethera is a pim application, i.e. it handles all kinds of personal information: email, contacts, notes, tasks, todos, journals. It has various communication features regarding: send/receive email, send/receive task requests and appointment requests via...