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Ink2Go 1.6.2

Ink2Go is an extremely simple yet powerful screen annotation and screen recording solution for presentations. You can then save your annotation as an image or as a video for sharing (screencasting). Ink2Go is a perfect tool for presenters to communicate...

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StageTitles 1.5.0 updated

StageTitles is used to create slides for subtitles, supertitles or other kinds of simple presentations and view them on your display, a separate monitor, television or projector. Thousands of slides can be handled by StageTitles in a fast and easy...

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Flowboard 1.06

Flowboard s defining interactive presentation software for Mac and iPad. It allows anyone to quickly and easily design presentations and share them with anyone on any device. Flowboard is bundled with professionally designed templates for a broad range of...


Curio 9.4.8 updated

Curio is the premier mind mapping, brainstorming, and project management application designed to promote visual thinking. Using Curio's innovative freeform interface and tools, you can intuitively gather, associate, and recall your ideas, while easily...