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Picosmos Tools

Picosmos Tools 2.0 updated

Picosmos integrates viewer, editor, effect, batch, combine and split functions into one set. It also provides plenty of source material. Major functions: 1 Pictures Viewer. Picosmos Tools contains a professional-grade photo viewer. 2 Page Design....

Caesium allows you to save a lot of space and quickly upload your pictures on the web (on sites like Facebook, MySpace etc) saving a lot of time. Also Webmasters for instance need to make sure the images they post on their websites are optimized, to avoid...

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Image2x 1.0

Enhance resolution of your images with this easy-to-use utility. It is also capable of removing color noise or jpeg artifacts. Just drop your image onto it, and it will create an enhanced version of the image in the same folder. It uses a...

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