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RoboForm 8.5.2 updated

RoboForm is a useful tool that remembers your passwords so you don't have to. Just remember your one Master Password and RoboForm remembers the rest - it's that easy. Our bookmark-style logins automatically log you in to your favorite websites...


1Password 7.2.1 updated

The award-winning 1Password is simple, convenient security. It creates strong, unique passwords for all your accounts so you can login with a click. You can automatically fill long forms and shopping carts, then save wallet space by storing things like...


PasswordWallet 4.8.8 updated

PasswordWallet is a convenient, easy to use, secure place to store all your usernames, passwords, PIN numbers, or combinations. For security, PasswordWallet uses the BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect your data. For...


Passenger 4.6.1 updated

Passenger is a server account creation and password generation tool that will import tab and comma-delimited text, ASIP 6.3 and Mac OS X XML and create account information and passwords for Mac OS X Server 10.2 and newer, Macintosh Manager,...

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PWMinder 3.1.2 updated

Personal security and privacy is becoming more and more of an issue, and it seems every web site, on-line store, on-line bank, social networking site, etc. asks you to create a login and password. We're told we should never re-use passwords, and password...

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Password Repository

Password Repository 4.0.1 updated

Password Repository lets users store and manage all their passwords inside a structured document. All data are maintained inside protected and encrypted documents. Password Repository shows data in a table view and let the user order items by any columns...


RememBear 0.3.36

Free and centralized personal password database. There is absolutely no charge to install this program., Remembear utilises an advanced form of SSL encryption, so data will remain safe from prying eyes.. Its security can be compromised if someone...