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S3 Browser

S3 Browser 7.6.9 updated

S3 Browser is an easy to use client for Amazon S3 Service. S3 Browser will help you organize your Amazon S3 buckets and files. Create public URLs to share the files. Upload and download files to and from Amazon S3. Keep your files backed up on a...


Lollyo 1.3.442

Make your own cloud and access your files anywhere, anytime. Lollyo allows you to share files from your computer with your smartphones, tablets. Lollyo doesn't store your files in the cloud. Instead, it creates a secured gateway directly between...


CloudMounter 1.5.1105

CloudMounter: mount as many cloud services as needed on your computer and work with them directly in Explorer the same way as with local drives. With CloudMounter you can effortlessly mount Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Dropbox...

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ProVide 12.0

Great business solutions improve your day Rest easy with effortless and secure file access for users and teams. ProVide is the answer for intuitively managing secure access to files inside your organization and across organizational boundaries....


Mambo 1.0 build 16 updated

Mambo is the fastest & easiest bulk uploader for Smugmu. Mambo uploads both photos & videos to Smugmug effortlessly while ensuring there are no duplicates and photo quality is unaffected. With Mambo, you simply choose all the folders on your computer...

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doXenter Transfer

doXenter Transfer updated

DoXenter transfer is an easy way to transfer large files, the idea is very simple, First you create a folder and you invite your colleagues or your clients, then you, or any other member, start uploading your files to that folder, DoXenter will notify all...