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Bedecked 0.9.0 updated

Just point Bedecked to a properly formatted Markdown file and the library will take its content and show it on multiple pages.The content on the presentation slides is the text from under a header, which in turn will be the slide title.Pretty simple and...

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Fast Logs

Fast Logs 1.0

The word "Logs" in Fast Logs might make someone think the script is related to the operation of "logging" - recording actions inside an application for later debugging. But it's not. It's a generic term for an entry which in term can be used to define...


jRollingNews 1.2.2

Can be used to create header or footer bars for rotating important content.Features:Highly customizable Display any RSS feed Add custom content Powerful code generator Widget previewer What is new in this release:Added .title_separator CSS class. What is...


CuteNews 2.0.3 updated

CuteNews can be used to manage a simple blog-like website or complex press release systems.It's a complex system, that can be used as a stand-alone tool, or integrated with other products.CuteNews comes with an admin panel, full of tools to help editors...


JS-Ticker 1.6

It is very easy to customize in order to suit different needs.The speed and size of the text can be customized in the script.The script was tested with Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 7.0, Opera 7 and 9, Firefox 2.0.What is new in this release:Fixed...

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