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MathMod 7.0 updated

MathMod is mathematical software for visualizing and animating parametric and implicit surfaces. It allows you to generate mathematical objects which you can then export to OBJ format and use with a multitude of advanced animation and modelling...


FreeJSTAT 22.0E

The following statistical analyses are available: Summary Statistics Frequency Distribution F Test Bartlett's Test Paired t-Test Unpaired t-Test Goodness-of-Fit Test Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Mann-Whitney U Test OnewayANOVA TwowayANOVA Pearson's...

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Digital Logic Design

Digital Logic Design 1.5 updated

This is a tool for designing and simulating digital circuits. It provides parts ranging from simple gates to ALU. In this tool a circuit can easily be converted into a reusable Module or IC to built more complex circuits like CPU. It also provide digital...


Graphulator 4.7 updated

Graphulator is a numerical graphing calculator for 2 or 3 variable equations. Plot both functions and non-functions. Includes data output! Now includes numerical calculus. Scientific calculator. Trigonometry. Logarithms. Absolute values....

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ActualMap 4.7 updated

ActualMap is a set of high-performance, .NET mapping components and controls for embedding maps in desktop (Windows Forms) applications. ActualMap gives you the ability to generate maps, drill-down capability, thematic mapping, routing, vehicle...


LeoCalculator 3.5 updated

LeoCalculator performs calculation of mathematical expressions that could include not only basic operations but also elementary and basic statistics functions and brackets. Flexible user interface permits typing expressions at keyboard as well...