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SSPX 3.7

SSPX is a program to calculate strain/strain rate from displacement/velocity data in two and three dimensions. SSPX is a full fledged inverse modeling program to calculate best fitting deformation tensors given displacement or velocity vectors at a...


MoonMenu 3.0.5

There are two parts to the MoonMenu package: MoonMenu for the Menubar MoonMenu draws the current phase of the moon in the menubar. The menu, when selected, reveals the following information: A textual description of the moon phase Illumination...


KoalaCalc 4.5.2

KoalaCalc is a free multi-purpose calculator for Mac OS X. In its compacted state, it looks similar to the standard calculator that comes with Mac OS X. However, simply click the 'advanced' button and KoalaCalc comes to life to become one of the most...

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FractionAction X

FractionAction X 0.9.2..0.0

Converts between rational fractions, decimals (with periodicity), simple continued fractions and Long Division output (USA notation) within program's computational limits. Also shows factors for fraction's top and bottom (in reduced form with GCD...


NbreConvert 1.2.3

NbreConvert is a simple program that lets you convert a number from any base to any base, factorize a number into primes, and express a number in words. You can open a windows with all the primes numbers calculated.What is new in this release:Internal...


Matlab 7.13

LAB integrates mathematical computing, visualization, and a powerful language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing. The open architecture makes it easy to use MATLAB and its companion products to explore data, create algorithms, and...

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4Peaks 1.7.2

4Peaks is a program that help molecular biologists to visualize and edit their DNA sequence files. At last there is a decent solution for analyzing trace files on the MacOSX platform, taking another step away from slow and non-native programs from the...


LiveCalc 2.2

This tool calculates an expression, while you are typing it. If you'd like to know if there's an error on a receipt, the range of numbers of an RSA-2048-Key, or what's the result of 3456789^20*765512376^10*(876766776+123456789)^30/(7865-1491), then...