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SAGE 8.1 updated

SAGE is a free and cross-platform mathematics software suite that provides a collection of over 100 open source packages designed to let users study advanced and elementary mathematics, as well as applied and pure mathematics. SAGE is a reliable, powerful...


Maxima 5.41.0 updated

Maxima is an open source, multiplatform and free command-line software that has been designed as a complete CAS (Computer Algebra System) utility oriented towards symbolic computation and allows you to easily plot data and functions in 2D and 3D. Being a...


Genius 1.0.24 updated

Genius is an open source and freely distributed software project designed from the ground up to act as a mathematics utility for the GEL extension language. It is very similar to the Mathematica, BC, Maple or Matlab programs. Supports arbitrary precision...


wxMaxima 17.10.1 updated

wxMaxima is an open source, multiplatform and free graphical application designed from the ground up as a front-end to the well-known Maxima command-line CAS (Computer Algebra System) for plotting data and functions in 3D and 2D.The application is written...

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smib 0.38 updated

smib (SMall Is Beautiful) is an open source and free command-line software implemented in C and designed from the offset as one of the simplest and smallest computer algebra systems in the whole world. Keep in mind that simple does not mean...


RPL/2 4.1.21 updated

RPL/2 is a special programming language for scientific computations, and could be the strange child of forbidden love between Lisp and Forth.The usable and working data types are as follows:- Binary integers (64 bits);- Signed integers (64 bits);- Real...


PyOpenCL 2015.1 updated

PyOpenCL is an open source, multiplatform and completely free command-line software project implemented in Python and designed from the ground up to provide a cross-platform wrapper for the OpenCL (Open Computing Language) framework.Tested with the...

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Waveform 1.0

Waveform is a small application that draws and exports function graphs (such as y = sin(x)) especially for use with audio programs as waveforms.It is limited to only one graph because it is not designed for other uses, and it only outputs .wav files. It...