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jQuery UI

jQuery UI 1.12.1 updated

jQuery UI is a frontend UI framework that exists before frontend UI frameworks were cool. This library revolutionized how Web-based frontends where built and has been an inspiration or has stood at the center of many CSS and UI frameworks since its...

jQuery.Preload is a multi-functional tool that can load content while the user interacts with the page. The plugin was created for situations when only the top of the page is loaded and the rest is fetched while the user interacts with the visible...

jQuery Actual Plugin

jQuery Actual Plugin 1.0.18 updated

The plugin is a fix for older versions of jQuery who can't always detect and retrieve dimensions from invisible elements (CSS visibility set to "none"). They normally return 0 instead of the actual width or height. Documentation can be found in the...

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jQuery Boilerplate

jQuery Boilerplate 4.1.0 updated

jQuery Boilerplate was started by Zone Rocha and expanded with the help of Addy Osmani, two well-known names in the world of JavaScript development. This tool provides a base for jQuery plugin developers, a standards-compliant template on which to add...

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jQuery++ 2.0.2 updated

jQuery++ completes jQuery with missing functionality, allowing developers to use the framework in a broader scope and for large scale applications.It is mainly made of DOM helpers and special events, all well-documented and ready to be used with any...


tabbedContent 1.6.0 updated

tabbedContent allows building simple HTML and jQuery tab panels. The plugin is recommended for websites that have to present lots of text content inside a small area and need a quick and comprehensive pagination utility. tabbedContent will allow the...

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jQuery QueryBuilder

jQuery QueryBuilder 2.3.2 updated

jQuery QueryBuilder uses visual elements to let someone build complex queries and then generate the proper code to run that query. QueryBuilder supports multiple query rules, nested queries, grouped queries, AND/OR operators, a drag and drop interface,...

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dna.js 0.4.4 updated

dna.js works just like any template engine around. It uses a special syntax to store layout information. Using a given layout, dna.js replaces the special tags with actual content retrieved from a preset location (JSON files in this case).What is new in...

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Waterfall 0.1.73 updated

Using a simple CSS floating system, Waterfall moves elements from one column of the grid to another, whenever the screen size can't fit all elements horizontally.This approach gives an impression of a liquid layout, while also maximizing the usage of...

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jqGrid 5.0.2 updated

It takes data and presents it inside interactive tables, all with dynamic AJAX calls. jqGrid can easily be integrated with lots of server-side languages like PHP, Java Servlets, JSP, ColdFusion, ASP and Perl. A demo is included with the download...

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