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123People 1.0

123People is a people search engine that scours the Web to help you find information on everyone you (want to) know. Using a proprietary search algorithm, you can find comprehensive and centralized people profiles consisting of images, videos, phone...


1X 1.0

1x is a photgrapher community that hosts professional curators who verify each photo you upload to filter only the most quality photos to upload on the site. Users who are into photography can engage in forums, check out tutorials, and expand their...


2collab 1.0

2collab is a social bookmarking site where you can store and organize your favorite Internet resources--such as research articles from any publisher, blogs, Web sites, and more. Then, in private or public groups you can share your bookmarks with others,...

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41Day 1.0

Preserve your memories and create a legacy for your loved ones by archiving messages and attachments of all types in our electronic time capsule. You decide when your messages will be available to read: be it a month, a year or twenty years from now. No...


4shared 4.7

Share any of your files in a couple of minutes for free. Files can be shared with anyone, including unregistered 4shared members, by providing them with a simple web-based link to shared files. Use a handy 4shared email service to send a sharing link....

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99polls 1.0

99Polls.com offers a simple approach to making polls, which you can post nearly anywhere on the Web. 99Polls.com poll-creation tool requires no knowledge of HTML or coding, and once made, the poll can be posted on blogs, Web sites, and social-networking...