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CamelProxy 1.1.4

CamelProxy is a software solution for network proxy server. It's main features include: Network access sharing; Internet behavior management; Intranet security; Access link jump. It can supports proxy protocols such as HTTP and Sock5. The...


TekRADIUS LT 5.4.3 updated

TekRADIUS LT is a RADIUS server for Windows. TekRADIUS tested on Microsoft Windows (Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 2008-2016 Server). TekRADIUS LT complies with RFC 2865 and RFC 2866. TekRADIUS LT comes with its own SQLite database, no additional...

iZone Cloud

iZone Cloud 3.0.3 updated

By using iZone Cloud Service you will secure your internet connection by using the izone secured tunnel service. If you want to benefit from data optimization and / or security enhancement, application's response time improvement you will be...

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Torenkey updated

Emule clone for downloading torrents. Feels and looks like eMule but handles torrents, Huge number of torrent results, Supports RSS. Doesn't filter fake files, No way of previewing files, Support and help info not in...

DynDNS Service

DynDNS Service updated

The DynDNS Service is a DynDNS client for Windows operating systems, which installs itself as a Windows service, permanently monitors the current status of the public IP address of your Internet connection or your UPnP-enabled DSL router and updated as...


TekRADIUS 5.3.5 updated

TekRADIUS is a RADIUS server for Windows. You are free to use freeware version for both commercial and personal use. TekRADIUS tested on Microsoft Windows (Vista, Windows 7/8/10, 2008-2016 Server). TekRADIUS complies with RFC 2865 and RFC 2866. It...

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Web Log Explorer

Web Log Explorer 9.1 updated

The Web Log Explorer is the fastest and most powerful an interactive, desktop-based log analyzer for Windows. All log analyzers do almost the same. They take your log file, parse it and build reports by grouping or filtering the extracted data. Then...


Fiddler 4.6.20171

Easily manipulate and edit web sessions. All you need to do is set a breakpoint to pause the processing of the session and permit alteration of the request/response. You can also compose your own HTTP requests to run through Fiddler. Fiddler lets you see...