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Lychee 3.1.1 updated

Lychee is a modern photo management application, written for today's responsive Web. There are tens of PHP-based photo album scripts, but most of them are actually ancient when it comes to their codebase, created back in the day when Flickr, Facebook or...


Fotorama 4.6.4 updated

Fotorama comes packed with lots of features, and can adapt itself to any condition or project requirement if needed.Version 3.x caters for older jQuery versions, while the new 4.x branch works with more recent jQuery framework updates.Examples and usage...

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Zenphoto 1.4.9 updated

Can also work as a CMS if needed, providing pages management when a more complex site structure is needed.What is new in this release:Bug fixed that could cause loosing all text data (...) What is new in version 1.4.8:Bug fixed that could cause loosing...


jGallery 1.5.5 updated

Usual image albums have in average around ten options to play with.jGallery is at the upper limit of image gallery scripts, coming fitted with a huge collection of awesome features and settings to play around with and modify the behavior and look of the...

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Gridder 1.4.2 updated

Gridder is a nifty tool that is ideal for presenting large image assets on the same page.By default photos are shown as small thumbnails on a grid layout.Clicking a photo will make a gap in the grid, where a larger version of the clicked image is shown,...