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Xibo 1.5.2

Xibo is an open source, multi-zone, multi-display, fully scheduled digital signage solution controlled from a centrally managed web interface.Xibo supports the following media types:- Images (PNG, JPG, GIF)- Text (including formatting)- Video (any type...


BACnet 0.8.3 updated

BACnet (Data Communication Protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks) is an open source protocol stack software that provides a BACnet network layer, a media access (MAC) layer, and an application layer for embedded systems. Designed for...


K8055 0.1

K8055 project is a sample program to use the Velleman K8055 interface Board on Linux.k8055 is a sample program to use the Velleman K8055 interface board on Linux. The USB K8055 interface board has 5 digital input channels, 8 digital output channels, two...

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DOMjudge 4.0.4

DOMjudge is an open source, freely distributed, platform-independent and full featured web-based automated judge system especially designed to allow you to run programming contests on GNU/Linux operating systems. It is heavily inspired by the powerful ACM...


openTCS 3.2.0 updated

openTCS is an open source, multiplatform and freely distributed graphical software designed to act as a Transportation Control System for controlling AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), as well as to steer almost any track-guided vehicle. Features at a...


PPort 0.6.8

PPort is a simple yet handy automation program and its documented counterpart for interfacing a PC with external devices.With this bundle, one can control any household appliance or electronic device with minimal hassle and practically no...

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Minerva 4.4.1

Minerva is an open source web-based home automation software written in PHP and Perl, designed to allow users to control various aspects of their house, such as to switch on the lights from anywhere, check CCTV footage, email a video, control the central...


DirectFB 1.5.3

DirectFB is a thin library that provides developers with hardware graphics acceleration, input device handling and abstraction, integrated windowing system with support for translucent windows and multiple display layers on top of the Linux Framebuffer...